Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Court Documents

Court Documents 

"Defendant Robinson's goal was to get full control of the company"

Here for you to view.
Not sure where they came from or who screwed who.

""22. Defendant Robinson knew that his treatment of Plaintiff at the || company's yearly convention would embarrass, humiliate and demean Plaintiff, and, in order to assure that that occurred, Robinson told many PLEXUS personnel and ambassadors that he had to send Plaintiff home due to Plaintiff's misconduct with Brittany Gaines and also due to Plaintiff being drunk. Defendant Robinson's ||"story" was communicated by Robinson to all the PLEXUS staff and, in a matter of
hours, all the PLEXUS Ambassadors (distributors).
23. As a result of Defendant Robinson's conduct and statements at the
convention in Dallas, Plaintiff sent an e-mail to Defendant Robinson, on the following Monday, saying that Plaintiff was taking a six-month sabbatical from the company. About 10 days later, Defendant Robinson had a meeting with Plaintiff, and said to Plaintiff: "Here are the terms of your sabbatical." I was thinking, you arrogant SOB. It is MY sabbatical not yours.""

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