Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Plexus Product Reviews from Real Users

Honest Reviews from Customers, Ambassadors, and more...

Many are asking these questions:

is it the most-natural way to lose weight
is this safe for diabetics
does it really burn fat and increase energy

Company issued this in April 2013: 

 ""To protect our company, our future & stay in compliance with FTC (federal trade commission) we've been asked to make a few verbage changes.

 1) We can no longer post Dave Brown's videos publicly. He makes medical claims in them relating the product to diseases, We can post them privately in messages or in these groups for educational purposes only but should never be showed to a person "proving" a claim that has been made.

 2) When posting testimonies, please do not put your website link in the post. Simply put "Contact me for additional information". If you put any info about how to order the product with the testimony you are saying that you have products that will do the same for them.

 3) We can no longer publicly say that our product is safe for pregnant or lactating women. Even though it is, our compliance dept. would like for us to change this to legally protect the company. Women should always consult with their doctors first taking a list of the product ingredients.

 4) We can no longer say that Plexus was originally created for those with Type II Diabetes (diagnosis of disease) We CAN say, Plexus has been proven to help those with Type II Diabetes to stabilize their blood sugars or is diabetic friendly and again should take a list of ingredients to their physician.""

It is important to note here, that this company has been in operation since 2005.
They have been selling the pink drink, Slim, since roughly late 2009.

2009 - 2013= 4 years

4 years of violations against the FTC

Why the change? They claim they were ASKED
more like they got busted!

Who cares at this point anyway, right? I mean they had 4 years to misrepresent themselves and their products and make millions.
They have banked their money early on, re-invested it in houses, and even other companies. This family run company has gotten huge in the pockets thanks to those that reaped the financial rewards early on. Take the money out of the equation, ask people what they really think of the products, and this is what you get:

Here is one of three Videos that they do not want Ambassadors to use:

Was this originally created for Diabetes? 

They have always wanted you to think so. All you have to do is "google" these words "Plexus Slim is an all natural weight loss formula that was originally formulated for diabetics" and you find dozens of pages marketing the product that way!

If that doesn't satisfy you, have a look at their "study". Why include Glucose Levels if you aren't talking about Diabetes? 

Learn more about this study here

I really like #3 above.. 

"We can no longer publicly say that our product is safe for pregnant or lactating women. Even though it is"

There is a lot of "NO LONGER" in there! Wonder how many people were effected by this?

We found these Plexus Reviews. Some shared by pink drink lovers that were once members of secret private Facebook groups. Their questions about product safety and effectiveness never got answered, and their comments and posts that contained one tiny bit of doubt were deleted.

*Some of these reviews do not depict which formulation of the products that have been used.*

""The major ingredient appears to be a non digestible starch that may make you feel full so that you eat less (though there are no studies that show any efficacy in humans)."" Dr. Alan Feldman

""it has never been scientifically shown to help lose weight or treat any know human medical problem. The only thing that will lost weight is your wallet."" Dr. David Sneid

""Keep in mind that there is no significant evidence that anything in plexus slim will help you lose weight."" Dr. Brad Eilerman

Source: HealthTap


From: Larry Ortega (


An inspection of the returned product has been completed. The odor was a combination of the packaging and accelerator pills.  

When compared to other bags of the 3 day trials the odor was similar.

I thought I was the only one until I found this on the Better Bureau Website

``Complaint: After realizing I received a bad supply of Plexus slim, I spoke with customer service. They emailed me a shipping label to print out so that I could send the product back. Once they received the product back, I was supposed to be sent a replacement. Since I am an ambassador for the company I was informed of a compliance issue but I was not told what the issue was. I waited on hold for an hour to take care of that issue. I was then told that I would receive a call back, which I did not. About a month went by without me receiving my replacement. I made another call in and was explained to that I had been sent emails regarding my compliance issue, which was the name of a ******** page name. I was once again told that I would be contacted and I was not. I was unaware of the emails as I do not check them often. I went through and found them. I changed the name of the ******** page and emailed the compliance department that the issue had been fixed. That was on 5/20/14. I waited a week and made another call to fix the problem on 5/28/14 after still not receiving my replacement. I left a voicemail to be called back. I still have not been contacted. So after getting a bad product and requesting a replacement, my product was then held because of my compliance issue. I have waited over a month for my product, fixed my compliance issue, made attempts to speak with someone about it and still have not been contacted or received my product. I recently purchased other products for a customer and those were sent out right away. They have blocked my account as an ambassador and I can no longer access my website through the company.``

Further reading shows me more product complaints: `

`` lowered my sugar level so low that I couldn't sustain my daily activities``

You aren't the only one with a sore head!

Cortny asks: 

I have a woman asking me if it is normal to get more 

headaches when first starting Plexus Slim??

Tammy says "I had one on my second day using Slim"

Jenn says " I have had a headache and upset stomach since this normal?"

Valerie tells us " Bad headaches. All week"

Melinda shares "Mine lasted three days & after that I was good to go."

Ann tells us " Yes, it is very normal"

Tammi states "I have a friend that is taking the Slim and gets a headache every single time she drinks it. She is drinking enough water."

Paula wants to tell us "I had a mild headache the first 4 or 5 days also but it got better after that. "

Angela agrees " I had a headache all day today after drinking slim"

Stephanie says " I had a headache for about a week, and then they went away, and I have had very few headaches since"

Crystal says "I got headaches first 2 weeks" "I was told I was detoxing"

Laura confirms "I had this same thing when I first started the products. Immediate headaches, even before I was finished"

Christie W. said:

I feel shaky/hands shake too, along with migraines. I stopped taking it. I've seen others who complained of the shaking, so I'm wondering what its caused from.

Alisha P said:

I started having migraines while taking the new accelerator as well. I have discontinued use and I feel fine. I do not like it!!

Colleen wonders "My client is experiencing headaches while drinking slim. She's drinking plenty of water. "

Pamela has the same "I did at first, but they stopped."

April confirms "I had headaches for the first 3 days"

N.M. says "My friend had it too"

Toni sums it up best with her comment: 
 "oh ok, wells that's good to know that you can get headaches to begin with.Thank you!"

Here are some comments from other Plexus product users and Plexus Ambassadors:

More Reviews on Weight Gain:

  •  I also gained lots of weight. I could no longer sell something I did not believe in.
  •  I really don't know, but I gained 20 lbs. They kept telling me to TAKE more!
  • With me I found it made me want to eat more I was constantly hungry. I use to have to force myself to eat but when I tried the new formula for a month I gained weight almost 20lbs
  • gained nearly 20 pounds because of these products 

  • I wasn't able to take the accelerator any longer and the slim drink stopped working once it was changed the weight started coming back on. Gave up my ambassador status --couldn't promote a product that was no longer effective for me
  • BBB complainant says: I tried the product for over a month and it was not working. I was gaining weight and the excellerator was making me jittery
  • Several of my friends gained. They did everything they were told and still gained.
  • As for me it just stopped working and I gained all my weight back and more.. plus my sugar went sky high and blood pressure did too.. My doctor told me not to take it anymore.. so I didn't. it just wasn't working anymore...
  • I gained almost 15 pounds in 6 months. Not only did I gain weight but this is the hardest I've ever had to work to try and get the weight back off. Scale refuses to budge. 
  • Products changed ...ingredients changed's a huge money scam...the new product now claims to do a lot of what the slim use to do...slim does nothing now...add this add that one can afford to pay several hundreds every month to be told ...oh you will see something next month..most ambassadors I still know ADMIT it does not work 
  • It didn't help me none just gain.  I am a ambassador I done everything I was suppose to do. I was on it 5 months
  • exact same thing with me. 5 months, taking all products as directed, drinking a gallon of water a day, and I gained weight in 5 months. I'm not a lazy overeater who is uneducated about the products or exercise and nutrition for that matter but I'm sick of hearing "did you do the spit test?, did you drink the water?, did you eat right?".......YES, YES, AND YES! Don't anyone dare tell me "than it should have worked!". Because GUESS WHAT!!!!!!, it didn't work. And guess what's not working for alot of people!
  • Arkansas says: I began to gain weight rapidly and asked about it and why I was gaining instead of losing, I was informed to stay off the scales because I was actually losing inches. If I were losing inches then my clothes would become bigger and not smaller. I have gained several pounds thanks to Plexus 

  • I personally gained a ton of belly fat, had headaches and heart palpitations on it.
  •  I just want some answers as two physicians believe it damaged my heart and I do too...I just took the slim, probio 5, Biocleanse, and X Factor for six months....I want to know the "why."
  • I was taking the slim, accelerator, probio5 and the BioCleanse. I switched to boost first part of may. Started feeling bad bot long after the switch. Ended up admitted to the hospital on June 1st was released on the 5th. Had about 30 different blood test for any kind of liver disorder, disease, anything that could cause me to go into liver failure and everything came back negative. Had a CT Scan, several ultra sounds. My doctor said right from the beginning that he thought it was Plexus but he would test me for any and everything just to make sure. I also had two other independent liver specialist at Emory look at all my blood work and tests and they both agreed that it was due to plexus. (August 22, 2014) 
  • BBB complainant says: I purchased the ambassador package of Plexus Slim. I wanted to try it and try to make money with it as well. I had a friend that had lost 35 pounds using it. I have actually gained weight while using the "pink drink" and the accelerator caused my heart to race for about 18 hours.:
  • having a heart attack said:   

    Boost made me really flashes heart rate 135..BP that's normally extremely lower than most people went higher than a normal BP. Nausea..basically I thought I was having a heart attack. Tried it twice then flushed them.
  • I know of 17 people who had their gall bladders removed AND got very sick
Lost Sales said:  

I have several customers that don't like new accelerator. Not seeing results like they did with original. I have lost many sales from this new accelerator.

M.F. said:   

I have a couple of customers that are not liking the new accelerator as much as the old one. They say its not curbing their appetite like before and also not giving them as much energy. They are also getting a feeling of crashing in the afternoon that they had not felt before with the old formula.

colette said:   

I have been on plexus slim and accelerator for 30 days and have gained 10 lbs! my dr told me to stop taking it

keep buying said:  

I sign up 8 people and didn't work for any of them and it is not right that they have to keep buying different products to help it work and it still doesn't work .

Plexus will Make You Sick! said:   

A notice was put out that the “ProBio Challenge” was making people extremely sick who are doing this. They go on to state that you are only to tell people to follow the directions on the product labels. Yet, the product labels give the same number of capsules per day as the challenge does by the end of the week – so WHY are so many people becoming so very ill on the products?

Sick of the Pink Drama said:   

On July 29, 2013 Plexus sent and email sating “The banking industry is now offering updated credit card records to businesses nationwide. If your bank participates, it may now automatically provide updated records to Plexus on any expired/replaced cards on file” I contacted my bank and was told in no uncertain terms that this was a “scare tactic or a phishing scam” and that there are very specific laws and rules that banks must follow and they would not be allowed to disclose account information to anyone but the account holder for ANY reason. (SIDE NOTE - plexus keep your old card - so if you change it because the card you used to use you don’t want charged anymore, then the current card does not work they have "saved" your previous entries then try to run them! This I know firsthand as it just happened on my husband’s former acct and we got an email of every card they attempted to run - all of which of course were shut down thank God!

In it for the $$ said:   

People here in my area in California are very skeptical and especially immediate family. I am trying really hard and posting everyday. Hopefully because I need to pay off credit cards

Angela said:  

I took the Plexus Slim with accelerator before they changed the formula and lost 30 pounds with no side effects. I decided to go back on the program shortly following the reformulation, and on the first dose (2 accelerator pills) I wound up in Emergency Dept with a heart rate of 170 and risk of stroke.

Alyssa said:  

when I first tried Boost, my body rejected it. I was on it for a month but feeling awful. My sleep was bad, I gained weight and inches. I was crabby and had zero energy.

Tessa - That's the shits! said:   

I have a potential customer that tried a 7 day trial and she said that she has gained 7 lbs and has had diarrhea.

Rainnie Bell said:   

I started the New Boost May 5th. Upon starting it I realized I had to be very careful with the dosage amount because I experienced some side affects. I During that time I have slowly worked myself up to 3/4 of a capsule. I have gained 4 pounds, I am sleepy all the time & have absolutely NO ENERGY to do anything & feel like I am crashing all the time!! My main concern I have is it can be several hours after I have take my dosage of the Boost and I will experience Jitters with my entire body just shaking and serious heart pounding with and serious increase of heart rate that may last 45 min to hour. In this last month I have tried many things to adjust because I was SO EXCITED with this new product. Yesterday afternoon 4 hours after I had taken my dosage, I experienced these symptoms so bad I had to call my husband in from outside & contemplate taking me to the hospital, which I choose to ride it out. I scared me so very much that I have chosen to discontinue taking the Boost I don't like ever having to write anything negative about Plexus because I have had good experience with the very first Accelorator and other products. But, should someone be having the same issues.... they need to know they are not the only one. Plexus needs to get it right so we all can be back in business... I have lost many Ambassadors and lots of customers!!!! I feel this will only make it harder for me to sell when I am personally failing at it....

Taryn said:   

I have been taking slim with 2 accelerators in the morning, bio cleanse after my meals and 1 boost with 4 pro bio at night, I have gained 10 pounds and 3 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my legs!

My heart is racing! said:  

The past few days shortly after I take drink my plexus, then 20 or so minutes later eat, I take my boost and 2 other medicines. One is an iron supplement and the other is for moods/anxiety. Anyway the past few mornings I suddenly feel like my heart is racing super fast and I have to sit and breathe to stop it. I took my heart rate yesterday I will attach it. Has anyone else ever had this, could j space out the boost ? It goes away fairly quick, but it scares me a little.

Michelle Blair said:  

I have discontinued Boost and decided it was not for me. Irritable, moody, constipated, water retention, headaches, cravings for sugar and fatty foods, and a total weight gain of 14 pounds.

Marilyn Harris - Canadian Ambassador said:   

Marilyn Harris Selling some of my excess stock. If anyone is interested. Would prefer it to go as a bundle. Message me. Selling some of my excess stock. If anyone is interested. Would prefer it to go as a bundle. Message me. Marilyn Harris This what I paid... Open to offers. 

Jodi said:   

the new accelerator + makes me feel all nervous and like my heart is going to come out of my chest for about 30-45 mins

Margie said:   

I took 2 of the new accelerater and my heart was pounding out of my chest I don't like the way it made me feel

Ebony said:  

I've been on Plexus since Monday and Idk I can't put my finger on it but I feel kinda tired and kinda "off" I do think my stomach has gone down slightly. But I feel my heart race sometimes throughout the day for no apparent reason. I only take 1 accelerator because I feel horrible if I take two.

Alexa Smith said: 

I'm losing weight with diet and exercise. Plexus did nothing for me

Brook said:

I haven't lost a pound and I've been on it 30 days.

Candice said:

I don't want to be negative, but I did awesome on the old Acc. I can sell what I believe in. Since new Acc. I'm losing customers and gained my weigh back. I added pro bio and bio cleanse and still zip. Getting really bad cravings which I didn't have before. Disappointed.

Kathleen said:

I am getting discouraged, I am taking the bio cleanse, pink drink, pro bio, and accelerator for about 3 weeks. I have lost a couple inches, lost 4lbs then gained it back. I drink my water, have cut out a lot of my sweets. I see all the posts about people weight just falling off. I feel like I have tried everything out there, and am doomed to be overweight. I have about 40lbs to lose.

Krystle said:

I did well my first two weeks other than gaining some weight. I measured this morning and only lost in my calves and gained another 3 pounds. I attempted the slim hot and I bloated massively. I still cannot take my slim during the day as it makes me so tired. I'm drinking my water, but still want sweets big time! I cannot afford to gain more!!

Jennifer K said:

I've been taking the new Accelerator and I've been having some issues with it. Every time I take it, my heart starts racing, my hands shake uncontrollably and I feel really weak.

Annual Fee said:

I just got dinged for my $34.95 annual fee, because even though I have had my auto ship turned off (and I also was locked out last time I checked), they have your credit card information and they shall use it. Now I have to go through the motions to see if I can get it back.

Unsatisfied Customer said:

"" All I have gotten from this company is one issue after another. I tried the Plexus Slim and I got terribly ill from it. I returned the product to the company by certified mail on 9/17/2013, now the company has my money and my product. The rep that sold it to me told me it was the company responsibility to return my money, the company is telling me the rep is responsible. I don't care who does it but would like my money refunded to me. I have sent several emails, have made numerous phone calls with no avail. I don't know what else to do. I believe the money back guarantee is a bunch of crap! I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. I am one very unsatisfied customer and would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.""

Charleen Vili said:

Has anyone had problems with getting the jitters & shakes when taking boost. I have slim in the morning then 1 boost tablet with brekky. About 1-2 hours later I get really jittery, increased heart rate etc.

Jody said:  

10 years ago I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic - last 6 years A1c been 5.6. Kept numbers down. Since starting pink drink the morning blood monitoring is showing increase.

Heather said:  

I am starting to get a little discouraged. I have been on Plexus a month and not lost any weight in fact I think I gained 3 pounds.

Corinne said: 

I need help....I have hypothyroidism (underactive) and just had blood drawn and my levels were off the chart (my level was 53.57 and normal levels are 0.40 - 5.00) and I've gained about 8 pounds since I started 2 months ago. I take my synthroid right way, wait 1/2 hour and take my PlexusSlim and Boost so what am I doing wrong? My doctor wants me to quit taking these products. I have Slim, Boost, Probio, Biocleanse, Fast Relief and just got Xfactor. I don't know when to take any of these now. I am very discouraged and now feel like I've wasted a lot of money. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

Mandy J. said: 

I am getting so discouraged. I've been on Plexus Slim and Accelerator for almost 2 months. 2 weeks ago I switched from the Accelerator to the Boost and added in ProBio and BioCleanse. I haven't lost a single pound, I've actually gained 5lbs! I lost 4.5 inches when I first started within 2 weeks and have since then gained all those inches back plus a couple extra. I drink half of my body weight in water and am eating healthy. I also go to Zumba 3 nights a week. Anyone else go through this also? I'm about ready to throw in the towel with being an ambassador. How am I supposed to sell these products when they aren't even working for me?

Elizabeth L. said: 

You sound like me! I have gained 15 pounds now and I stopped boost today! I give up! To me all this trying different ways and taking more the I am suppose was a little crazy! I feel like I lost focus because it's not working for me! pray I start to feel better and lose! I have lost 25 ambassadors and 30 customers so I am so frustrated!

Dana P. said:  

Stinks that a product can make you gain 9 Pounds in 2 weeks! It's sooooo hard to get weight off. I'm so unhappy with plexus all together. Never lost one pound on any of it

Amanda M. said: 

I have had to stop taking boost because after a month my heart has started racing and beating very hard.

Michelle B. said: 

How do I to get back to the way I was before my month of Boost. I tried different dosage and different timing and decided it was not for me. Irritable, moody, constipated, water retention, headaches, cravings for sugar and fatty foods, and a total weight gain of 14 pounds. Hadn't lost weight or inches since about feb and thought boost would get it going again. Had high hopes. I have discontinued Boost.

Erica F said:  

Has anyone other than myself had customers/downline complain of severe reflux from the boost? I have had 3 total say that their esophagus feels like it is on fire and nothing helps it. None of the 3 felt like this prior to taking the boost and it still persists after stopping it. This is pretty scary stuff if you ask me.

Brittany said: 

We tried forever to conceive didnt happen. Not sure if it was the plexus but after being off it for sometime now. Guess what im expecting due date is in april!!!!!

Melissa S said:

I am a former ambassador...I started taking the products in late August 2013 and lost 15lbs by December. I was thrilled and excited to share the opportunity with my family and friends!!! Then Plexus Worldwide changed the formulas of the Slim and Accelerator (without passing this information to the ambassadors)...I started to gain the weight back in January but decided to stick with the products as well as adding XFactor and ProBio for an additional 2 months, at the suggestion of my former upline...all the way up 3 levels!!! I am now 30lbs HEAVIER since December (stopping products at the end of March at which time I had already gained 20 lbs) and can not get the weight off...I have since cut all ties with Plexus Worldwide after the deceptive information I received from my upline as well as the company. The testamonials that are posted on their website are from before the change in the formulation of the products. I feel like I was ripped off and feel bad that the same thing happened to my customers. FYI...I severed ties with Plexus Worldwide back in April, but if you enter my former ambassador address, you are still directed to my former website to buy these products. Hmmmm...shouldn't this have been removed and placed as an inactive web address???

Christina H said:

Something that always tasted like berries to suddenly taste almost like bitter chocolate is a red flag that something has changed. Months later Plexus finally acknowledges that the formula changed. Why couldn't they just be honest at the time?

Melissa R. from Australia said:

Trying to cancel my membership to Plexus and what to I have to do? Fill out a form and post it. I'm in Australia, I can't send faxes to the US and I'm required to pay international postage to snail mail it (post) are these guys for real? This day and age they can't accept an email?? So sick and tired of the Plexus scam!

Heather B from Florida dated January 2014 said:

I am an ambassador and have been on Plexus since September. I am not seeing results that others claim should happen after being on it for months. I went off the products a few days ago and debating about giving it another try. I was taking the slim and accelerator. I am still taking a probiotic however it is not Plexus. Several people mention they say results when they use combination of many products. Which I cannot afford to do. I have no customers. I am at a loss for words.

Linda E. said back in January 2014:

I'm having the same issue, I've been on Plexus for 4 months, lost 8 lbs gained 6 of them back as well as the inches now I'm at a stand still. I've added probio5 and cleanse and have gained weight as well as becoming bloated. (I am drinking water).

A.W. says:

I have been taking plexus for 2 months going on 3, so when I miss the slim and accelerator I get a really bad headache.

Sherri Bancroft said:

I joined Plexus a little over a month ago as an ambassador and was told that by being an ambassador I would be able to sell and setup a business from my home. I didn't want to become one and told the rep that as I wanted to try your product first. My main concern was to lose weight. I was told that by taking plexus that I would lose weight. I asked if I needed to change my food intake and was told no, you don't have to change your food intake. WRONG! I gained weight instead. The Rep told me to try it for 30 days and if I didn't lose any weight, I would get a full refund. I contacted Customer Service and they told me because I signed up as an Ambassador that I would not be able to get a refund. The rep set up the web site and I never went into it. I told the rep that I wanted to see results of weight loss first before selling your product which all I did was gain weight. Customer Service told me that this product was not for everyone so why wasn't the Rep up front with me and tell me that there was no guarantee that I would lose weight. I am so disappointed in this product. Please take me off your mailing list, the web site, as I want nothing to do with this product that does not work. A VERY UNHAPPY PAST CUSTOMER~

  • Lisa Tringali Can you please have someone from your company answer their emails on refunds I followed the instructions per packing slip and have heard nothing back at all for days. I did not use product. At time of purchase it mentioned nothing about not using it if you have high blood pressure. Get it and read all over packaging not to use it with high blood pressure. I was misled, misinformed and want a refund. Please have your refund office contact me.

Here are some great photo's found on the internet that I'm tickled pink to share with you!

Meet Peggy. Peggy has been a face for Plexus Testimonials for several years.
This is one popular photo that dates back to roughly late 2010

Here is a recent photo, dates to roughly 2015

I don't see much of a difference!

What does she say about her Plexus business: 

 " Basically all I do is introduce people to slim. They decide to do wholesale. You make commission off sales, new ambassadors and profit sharing just to name a few. I am averaging around $3000 a month right now. Lady that got me started is averaging around $9000 a month. The company is growing fast. Keeps going up. Would love to get you started.
dated May 21, 2011""

NOTHING about the products.. hmm... wonder why? 

More on weight gain:

" I've been on the pink drink for 2 months and am gaining weight. "

"Is there any reason I would be putting ON inches, bloating and adding pounds using Slim?"

"I have been on it a month, drink all the necessary water plus more and have GAINED 5lbs..... just curious if this is common."

"I was on the pink drink for well over a month and didn't loose any weight. Might have gained 2 pounds. "

"so I've been drinking it a week and eating better and I have stayed the same in weight and actually gained inches!! I'm feeling very discouraged. What am I doing wrong?" same person updates "another week down and I gained inches again! I am eating better and drinking more water and I have been more active. This product does not work for me!  I shouldn't be GAINING INCHES. "

TM says: "I have taken plexus products for over a month now and unfortunately I haven't lost any weight or inches. In fact I have gained 7 lbs. "

Diana declares "I did not see a change in the scale for 4 months"

Leah " I have been on plexus for a few months and gained alot also"

M.P. "that is me as well! I have been on it for 3 months and gained 10 pounds now and 3 inched as well"

They Quit!

"Im quiting also. I gained ALOT since i started but i felt happier. But now im upset cause im gaining and hungry all the time"

"you also need to know that a lot of people left because people are not happy and a lot of these people gained a lot of the weight back"

" I have stopped using it. Just want to know what we are doing wrong!"

"I quite yesterday as well!! Hopefully I can get some weight off as well"

"was nauseated, had a headache and diarrhea for an entire month taking the plexus slim. gave up and quit"

In January 2014 Tammy M responded in an open group saying:

I am on the same boat I feel as though I have been on a roller coaster should I continue. Then I would say I quit then I would say no you can do this then I say I would quit back and forth....

Past Ambassador says:

It was just hard getting customers and signing ambassadors when the products werent working for me. When I initially tried plexus a few yrs ago, I lost weight quickly. When they switched accelerator and I added other products, I ended up gaining weight. I kept trying different products and different ways but ended up putting on about 30lbs even though I ate the same. A few other people I know gained weight too.

Abby asks fellow ambassadors and customers this:

"I've been drinking my slim since Friday & I don't feel this incredible energy everyone talks about."

Ruth advices: "You may not feel anything for 30 days or more.

"I don't understand why it doesn't work for us" ~ Kim
"I don't understand either why it did not work for us, sucks" ~ KC

"it doesn't work for some of us...... actually a large percentage of people I've found out. We tried everything and spent large amounts of money doing it." ~ MP

Melissa knows this "I also posted on this page asking a bunch of questions and the administrator must not have liked what I had to say because it was never approved and I didn't say anything not worth posting so that makes me think even more that this is a bogus diet for a lot of people. I've also done a ton of research finding out more and more not so good things about plexus. Amazon won't even sell it so that tells you something, amazon sells everything!!!"

Natalie Admits "My apologies ladies I have deleted certain posts from this conversation"

Carrie knows this even better: 

The company will claim "trademark" to shut down your group that talks freely and openly about their crappy products, the poor health results people experience and what a rip off they really are.

What those in the group had to say: 

Heather V. said:

I want to thank you for this page. I am not going back to plexus and had no plans, however this site just makes me so thankful that I left and stop using when I did. I am glad that I was not the only one with issues. This page just gives me more knowledge and reasons to be thankful I am not harming myself! I understand that it may work for some but I will never be convinced that it was safe or that I need to get back on it. Happy with company I and with now.

Krystal W. said:

I must say that at first I was one of those people who believed that the things being said in this group could not be possible. Being the person I am I sat back, did my own research and listened to both sides, still a little unsure of where I stood...that was until I went to the dr today. Since February, I have gained a total of 19.8lbs, my hormone levels are ALL out of whack, I have high BP for the first time in my life and I also have a heart murmur. I have only done one thing differently since then... That's right, you guessed it. I am devastated at this point, and I am angry!

No wonder people are angry and have had enough of this company!
Have you seen how they market and advertise their products? 

Company issued this in April 2013: 

 ""To protect our company, our future & stay in compliance with FTC (federal trade commission) we've been asked to make a few verbage changes.

 1) We can no longer post Dave Brown's videos publicly. He makes medical claims in them relating the product to diseases, We can post them privately in messages or in these groups for educational purposes only but should never be showed to a person "proving" a claim that has been made.

 2) When posting testimonies, please do not put your website link in the post. Simply put "Contact me for additional information". If you put any info about how to order the product with the testimony you are saying that you have products that will do the same for them.

 3) We can no longer publicly say that our product is safe for pregnant or lactating women. Even though it is, our compliance dept. would like for us to change this to legally protect the company. Women should always consult with their doctors first taking a list of the product ingredients.

 4) We can no longer say that Plexus was originally created for those with Type II Diabetes (diagnosis of disease) We CAN say, Plexus has been proven to help those with Type II Diabetes to stabilize their blood sugars or is diabetic friendly and again should take a list of ingredients to their physician.""

It is important to note here, that this company has been in operation since 2005.
They have been selling the pink drink, Slim, since roughly late 2009.

2009 - 2013= 4 years

4 years of violations against the FTC

Why the change? They claim they were ASKED
more like they got busted!

Who cares at this point anyway, right? I mean they had 4 years to misrepresent themselves and their products and make millions.
They have banked their money early on, re-invested it in houses, and even other companies. This family run company has gotten huge in the pockets thanks to those that reaped the financial rewards early on. Take the money out of the equation, ask people what they really think of the products, and this is what you get:

Here is one of three Videos that they do not want Ambassadors to use:

Was this originally created for Diabetes? 

They have always wanted you to think so. All you have to do is "google" these words "Plexus Slim is an all natural weight loss formula that was originally formulated for diabetics" and you find dozens of pages marketing the product that way!

If that doesn't satisfy you, have a look at their "study". Why include Glucose Levels if you aren't talking about Diabetes? 

Learn more about this study here

I really like #3 above.. 

"We can no longer publicly say that our product is safe for pregnant or lactating women. Even though it is"

There is a lot of "NO LONGER" in there! Wonder how many people were effected by this?

Shall we talk about the products making people gain weight?

Here's something so obvious, that many people have just simply overlooked it!

Who was heard the words "Be a product of the product" or "Let the products speak for themselves"

Here's Plexus President Alfred Pettersen, on stage in 2013 at a Convention, in front of probably thousands, with his fat gut and neck hiding double chin on stage praising "HIM"
Everyone was so in awe that Alfred mentioned "HIM" that they looked past the obvious~!

In my personal opinion, in my own personal believe system, IF I was the president of a company I would make damn well sure that my appearance and my body reflected my product!!

oh wait.. It think it does!!

You tell me. How on earth did this slip by so many? 
The claims the company makes about their products,  this man should be skinny!

Here's a Diamond Ambassador:

Here's another Diamond Ambassador

If a picture doesn't work for you, maybe these words from past Ambassadors and Customers will: 

And you thought all you had to do was rip open a packet, mix it with water, drink it and you would look like this:

We would love to know what you think, if you have a review of your own that you would like to share or if you just want to share your experiences. Visit here: 

Want to read more reviews from others, please visit

"A woman scammed" 

 Learn about the lies, deception and down right dirty handed corporate tactics that one woman faced.

Did you think you were the only one?

Share your stories.. it's this easy:

 "Supplement Geek"

warning ~ you could spend days on this site reading stories from others, both positive and negative He has done a great job of breaking down the ingredients and explaining how they may or may not be of any benefit to your health




Misleading or Not?
 Testimonies found in various places

When a person posts a testimonial about what the business and/or product has done for them, nobody really knows the truth and validity surrounding it. Only the person that originally created the post, cropped together the pictures, and shared it with the web world does. 

This person has a statement that says: 

""Courtney says~ I'm down 16 lbs and 2 sizes.

I take the triplex, fast relief for painful thyroid nodules, and xfactor.""

Deceiving? Misleading? 
just another smoke and mirrors tactic?

  • This picture has no date, the date it was posted by other persons, in this case is June 2015
  • It is very obvious that a few years have passed, just look at the changes in those cutie pies.
  • Did she lose 16lbs and 2 sizes? Originally I thought the photo on the left was 'just had a baby not too long ago' but then realized, the woman appears pregnant. Take a look at the photo on the right... specifically that handsome man and the leg in his hand with a shoe near big brothers head; that screams baby #3 to me,
  • Painful thyroid nodules? That peeked my interest, I found out: 
""The great majority of thyroid nodules aren't serious and don't cause symptoms.
You often won't know you have a thyroid nodule until your doctor discovers it during a routine medical exam. Some thyroid nodules, however, may become large enough to be visible or make it difficult to swallow or breathe."" source

Hmm.. What are your thoughts on this one?

I think that misleading testimonials scream 

"These products don't work!"

What about this one?
The info reads:

""Tonia says ~ 
Been on PLEXUS for 5 weeks so far.....down 22 pounds and can see the difference in my face and clothing. Feeling AWESOME""

  • When you make kissy faces it does make your face look larger, no offence.
  • When one puts on make-up they do look different.
  • When photos are taken in black and white vs color.. well.. you get the idea...
Is she feeling AWESOME? who knows

Plexus Products contain higher than allowable levels of LEAD. 

Did you use their products? Go get tested! 

Plexus Fast Relief Nerve Health Support

Plexus Block

Plexus 96 Chocolate Protein pack

What does Plexus say about their products;

 "Plexus must have scientific substantiation for each and every claim we make about our products. :"" 
Are you confused? Not once have I seen any scientific mumbo jumbo from these lying thieves.

Diamond Ambassador Helen McFadden boasts:

💖Plexus 96 is a protein shake mix which contains 20 vitamins & minerals. 
It curbs cravings & hunger while maintaining blood glucose & providing 
the nutrition.
💖Nerve Support provides symptomatic relief while promoting the regeneration of damaged nerves by stimulating the body to create nerve growth factor.

The company says: 

Plexus 96® is Back in Stock!

Posted on November 20, 2015 by Alejandro Zarazua

This week in

In the past, they’ve limited the purchase of Plexus 96 to just Ambassadors, and we limited the purchase to one pack per person. Starting today, all Ambassadors and Customers can purchase Plexus 96 Vanilla and Chocolate with absolutely no quantity limits! -

Plexus Nerve Now Available

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Alejandro Zarazua

Fast Relief Nerve Health Support now has a new name, a new look, but with the same great product and formula you know and love.

Plexus Nerve is a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids to help support healthy nerve cells and the nervous system.†

Be sure you get your hands on the newly named and designed Plexus Nerve – now available!

Recently I found a blog with info dated April 2014. This person writes about the ``incredible results`` people are having with a new Plexus product, Boost.
I have no idea if this is accurate, or made up just to sell a product last year, but I figured I post it:

<p>These are results from 120 of those that tested the new Plexus PreLaunch product!</p>
<p>Testers have been on the product from 2-4 weeks!</p>
<p>Janet Franks- 37 pounds &amp; 4.25 inches from waist</p>
<p>Angela Jones- 12 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Alicen Breaux- 8 pounds &amp; 9 inches</p>
<p>Tammy Price- 13 pounds, 31 inches</p>
<p>Jennifer Pool- 2 inches</p>
<p>Lauren- 33 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Jennifer Daily- 6 pounds, 11 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Angela Baron- 3 lbs, 4.5 inches (14 days)</p>
<p>Geri Woodward- 8 pounds, 15.5 inches</p>
<p>Elizabeth James- 4 pounds, 1 inch</p>
<p>Lesli Smith- 7 pounds</p>
<p>Kelley Smith- 10 pounds, 8 inches</p>
<p>Kimberly Silver- 6 pounds, 8 inches</p>
<p>Laura Clow- 2 pounds, 2 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Dusty Duncan- 3 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Amy Cunnington- 7 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Derek Duncan- 5 pounds, 9 inches</p>
<p>Stacy Hodge- 7 pounds, 11 inches</p>
<p>Abigail Canter- 4 inches</p>
<p>Marcy Kavanaugh- 2 pounds, 7 inches</p>
<p>Dana Talbot- 2 pounds, 15.5 inches</p>
<p>Gina Foret- 10 pounds - past Mary Kay - still overweight (do these products work)
<p>Ryan Higgins- 20 pounds, 2 pants sizes - no longer with company
<p>Angel Fletcher- 9 pounds 13 inches - no longer with company

<p>Melisa Hilderbrand- 8.5 inches</p>
<p>Lisa Mckeever- 5 inches</p>
<p>Denise Hagan- 21 inches</p>
<p>April Mancini- 4.4 pounds</p>
<p>Pat Yoes- 8 pounds</p>
<p>Angie Leblanc- 6 pounds, 6.5 inches</p>
<p>Dianna Hall- 12 pounds, 12 inches</p>
<p>Stephanie Maness- 8 pounds, 7 inches</p>
<p>Toni Garcia- 4.6 pounds, 8.25 inches</p>
<p>Mona Mire- 2 pounds, 11 1/4 inches</p>
<p>Stephanie Key- 6.5 pounds, 8 inches</p>
<p>Richard Briley- 11. 8 pounds</p>
<p>Candice Briley- 14.4 pounds</p>
<p>Heather Hada- 5 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Kim Ferguson- 2 pounds, 5 1/4 inches</p>
<p>Christy Toomer- 7 pounds</p>
<p>Molly Orr- 4 pounds, 1.5 inches</p>
<p>Susanne Clinton-2 pounds, 2 inches</p>
<p>Kept Toomer- 9 pounds</p>
<p>Ameila Cannon- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Dana Roberts 1 pound, 8 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Andrea Chastsin- 4lbs, 5 inches</p>
<p>Alycia Harmon- 14 lbs, 10.5 inches</p>
<p>Kyle Patterson 5 lbs</p>
<p>Tammy Munsell 4 lbs</p>
<p>Rylee Elmore 7 lbs</p>
<p>April Vipperman- 3 pounds</p>
<p>Sue Eschette- 4 pounds, 11 inches</p>
<p>Devoni Danos- 12 pounds, 7 inches</p>
<p>Kina Oneal- 2 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Alison Wiliams- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Allen Jones- 12 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Dana Benson- 4 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Renea Parker- 6.7 pounds</p>
<p>Tina Watson- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Danielle- 4 pounds</p>
<p>Casey- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Mike Long -5.4lbs.</p>
<p>Erica Gibson- 10 pounds</p>
<p>Chris Benson- 4 pounds</p>
<p>Celeste Gwynn- 4 pounds</p>
<p>PC Christopher- 7pounds</p>
<p>Ketrah- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Shelbi potter- 8 pounds, 13 inches</p>
<p>Lee Potter- 12 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Will Elliot- 4 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Heather Outhout- 2 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Corey Davis- 4 pounds, 3 inches</p>
<p>Nicole Kinzler- 4 pounds, 2 inches</p>
<p>Robin Fagala- 4 pounds, 1 inches</p>
<p>Nathan Darby- 8 pounds</p>
<p>Audrey Parker- 2 pounds</p>
<p>Rhonda Thornton Krohn- 4 pounds</p>
<p>Alinda Bohanon- 3 pounds</p>
<p>Debra McCutcheon- 11 inches</p>
<p>Michelle Harvey 6 lbs</p>
<p>Kaci Self 4 pounds</p>
<p>Robbie Hinson 11 pounds</p>
<p>Joseph- 6.2 pounds, 3 inches</p>
<p>Sharon Hilburn- 2 lbs, 1 inch</p>
<p>Charity Zaleski 4 lbs, 2 inches</p>
<p>Lori Waits- gained .4 lbs, lost 2 inches</p>
<p>Avis- 10 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Tiffany Bump- 4 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Charlotte 3 pounds, 3.5 inches</p>
<p>Leanne 6 pounds, 3 inches</p>
<p>Buffy- pounds, 9.5 inches</p>
<p>Holden- 11.5 pounds, 5inches</p>
<p>India- 4 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Shellea- 6 pounds</p>
<p>Joy- 7 pounds, 6 inches</p>
<p>Angie- 10.5 pounds, 3 inches</p>
<p>Brooke- 8 pounds</p>
<p>Kim Ferguson- 4 pounds, 5 1/4 inches</p>
<p>Julie Abadie- 1 pound, 5 inches</p>
<p>Heidi Speer- 2 pounds while weight training</p>
<p>Jeddie Harrison Jr.- 4lbs</p>
<p>Elizabeth E Lost- 6 lbs</p>
<p>JoshuaJ- 5lbs</p>
<p>Tricia F- 1 1/2 lbs</p>
<p>April O- 4 pounds</p>
<p>Brian G &#8211; 2lbs</p>
<p>Marci R- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Missy- 5 pounds</p>
<p>Stacy D &#8211; 1/2 lb (but skewed by spring break eating)</p>
<p>Bob G- 4 lbs</p>
<p>Helen McFadden- 2 lbs</p>
<p>Jenny McFadden- 2.8 lbs</p>
<p>Sara Willis 1 lb</p>
<p>Hilary Hartman- 5 lbs</p>
<p>Misty Campbell- 5 lbs</p>
<p>Richard Chamberlain- 4 pounds, 5 inches</p>
<p>Kellie Bowman- 7 pounds, 8 1/2 inches</p>
<p>Jill Davis- 7 pounds</p>
<p>Sonya Murrell- 9 pounds, 11 inches</p>
<p>Jo Ann Bell- 9 pounds</p>

When all else fails try this, borrowed from an Ambassador:

""Troubleshooting for Weight Loss Issues

1. Are you taking any medications? If so please research them to see if any of them contain steroids. Steroids can make you gain up to 3 pounds a day! You’d be surprised just how many medications do contain steroids.

2. Have you done the spit test for Candida yeast? To do the spit test fix a cup of water first thing in the morning and spit into it. Be sure you do it first thing before you do anything else. If your spit looks cloudy or sinks to the bottom or has tendrils that sink to the bottom then your test is positive and you need to take Pro Bio 5 to get rid of the Candida yeast in your body. This yeast will prevent you from losing weight!

3. Have you measured yourself? A lot of the weight you lose in the beginning is from water weight aka bloating. If you didn’t have a lot of water weight gain then you won’t lose as much as some people right away but be sure you measure yourself because even when you aren’t losing pounds you are losing inches and inches are much more important than pounds!

4. Are you weighing yourself first thing in the morning before you get dressed? Your weight will vary during the day so make sure you weigh first thing in the morning. Also different clothes and shoes weigh different amounts and a pair of shoes can easily add 2 pounds to the scale. Weighing first thing in the morning wearing just whatever you wore to bed will help you to get a more accurate weight.

5. Make sure you only weigh once a week. There are going to be days that you may gain a pound. This can be caused by different things going on in your body. If you weigh every day it’s easy to get discouraged by this. Weighing once a week is a better way to predict how much you are losing.

6. Are you constipated? Do you go to the bathroom at least once a day? Your body can hold up to 6 pounds of waste at a time! Cleansing this out with Bio Cleanse will help you to feel better, look better and it will shed the pounds!

7. What time are you eating your meals? Never eat a meal after 7 pm! You can have a small snack but anything more than that will be stored as fat aka cellulite while you sleep! If you find yourself being hungriest at night, take your Plexus Slim drink a little bit later in the day to get you through the night.

8. Are you eating all day? It is better to graze all day than to eat one meal a day. A lot of people try to only eat once a day to lose weight fast and it does work temporarily but after about 30 pounds your body will plateau and you won’t be able to lose anymore because your metabolism slows when you only eat once a day. The goal is to have a high metabolism so that when you do eat your body processes the food like fuel instead of storing it up as fat. When you sit down to eat your lunch remind yourself that you don’t have to eat it all at once. Try eating 1/3 of it then going back to eat another 1/3 for afternoon snack and the last 1/3 for an early supper around 6 pm.

9. Are you keeping track of what you are eating? Keep a food diary. Write down what you are eating and what times you are eating them. Count your calories to see where you are wasting calories. For instance spending 200 calories on a bag of chips is a waste because it doesn’t fill you up. Keeping a diary will help you to see where you are wasting your calories so you can cut them out or replace them with a healthier alternative.

10. Cut out the diet sodas and artificial sweeteners! These have a product in them that causes your body to store fat! Stay away from them! It is best if you stay away from sodas all together. The best thing to do is to taper yourself off of them. Slowly cut back until you are not drinking any. You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel!

11. Are you getting all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to run efficiently? Fruits and veggies are the best way to get what your body needs! Snacking on these throughout the day will really help to raise your metabolism! Try only eating veggies with your meals throughout the day. If you’re like me and you are a picky eater our new meal to go 96 is a great way to get a lot of the things that you are lacking from not eating enough vegetables. I add fruit to mine to make it nice and tastey!

12. Are you staying away from fast food? I hate to say it but fast food is the worst thing you can put into your body! And by fast food I don’t just mean McDonalds. It’s also your favorite Mexican restaurant that wreaks havoc on your body! Do your very best to stay away from eating out. When you do eat out try to make healthier decisions or to make up for the extra calories, exercise that night before you go to bed.

13. Are you getting plenty of protein? Protein, protein, protein! Protein helps your body to burn fat! There are many protein powders that you can buy on the market but the best thing that you can do for your body is to eat a good protein at lunch. A good chicken breast, some tuna, etc. will go a long way toward helping your body break down the fat that you will take in for the rest of the day. Ideally you will take in protein at every meal but the most important is at lunch!

14. Are you exercising? If you just started exercising then chances are that you are either not losing or maybe even gaining. The reason why is because as you are losing fat, which doesn’t weigh very much, you are replacing it with muscle which weighs more. I once put on 20 pounds of pure muscle just by working out! I never gained a single inch, stayed exactly the same size but the scale showed the difference. To this day I still weigh 20 pounds more than I look like I do. This is why people always say throw away the scale. Inches are way more important!

15. Are you eating a good breakfast? Whatever you do in the morning tells your body what to expect for the rest of the day. If you skip breakfast, you are telling your body that you are starving so automatically your metabolism slows down so that it can store what little you do eat as fat. If you eat it tells your body that it’s going to get food all day and it can relax and go ahead and use that food for fuel.

The best advice I can give you in addition to the information above is to taper back on what you eat.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of evidence the pink drink not only doesn't work, but is dangerous!

  2. I love how people keep using testimonials from old product. Just do a comparison from 2012 - 2015. A picture is worth a thousand words...

  3. Great page Carrie! I plan to use some of this as well as I expose my truth of the "pink Koolaid"! Seems they work overtime covering their tracks of it not being about weight loss but health. Oh really? LOL If they were doing so well why would ONE person bother them so much that they removed her facebook group? Desperate people do desperate things....

  4. A plexus ambassador added me to their secret group, even though i'm not a customer. A different friend and ambassador let me try slim and accelorator for 30 days for free. Slim did nothing and i think my cravings got worse, and let's face it accelorator is just supplement crack. But, i think i rescued a customer from the kool aid by referring her to this blog!

    1. ohh... thank you for sharing.. feel free to add us to that secret group!

  5. Interested in knowing of any issues with dizziness and nausea...

    1. No nausea... I get super gassy to where i get bloated n it hurts. Also I've had a lot of reflux, burning stomach with stomach cramps sometimes. N in last week n half I've had off and on diarrhea. It's not constant but enough for me to notice is not normal.

  6. I started selling plexus Jan. 2014 then I started using the Pink drink n probio 5 . I took it for 6 months had no isdues, loss some inches and i felt great. I stopped using over last year n have gained 2o lbs. So I thought I'll start selling it again n using it again so I can lose weight n feel great. I'm rethinking this I have been using it again going on 3 weeks now n have constant burning in my stomach, avid reflux almost every day n diarrhea once sometimes twice a day for last week n half. At first I thought it was just a virus. Because my son got one couple weeks prior n it messed up his bowel s for about a week... I'm thinking its all about there formula change..I don't know but I have been reading reviews all day. Today is my last day on this, and i guess if I improve in a week then I'll know it's the plexus. Anyone else have digestive issues, diarrhea ,reflux, stomach upset?

  7. The Plexus Boost contains Yerba Mate, which acts like an MAOI inhibitor. If you are taking medications that are contraindicated with MAOI inhibitors, you should never consume Yerba Mate. That might explain some of the reactions people are having to the Boost product. As an aside, St. John's Wort also acts like an MAOI inhibitor. I had a nasty reaction after taking a DM cold med while on St. John's Wort. Just because something is labeled natural doesn't mean it is safe. It's too bad the FDA can't at least regulate the companies that sell these products enough so that they have to disclose that information.

  8. This has to be the worst product ever. It increased my blood sugar, blood pressure, I have burning in my feet. All a scam this dont work dont waste ur money. Ripoff.nausea, light headed, sick.felt off. Didnt feel better at all. I used pink drink slim didnt lower blood sugar increased it, used probio, biocleanse.

  9. I would like everyone to know,, that because I answered a question honestly in that "secret" group, I've now been blocked from the group. The question was, "is it normal for my best friend to NOT have seen any results after 4 months?" I answered, that I personally haven't seen any results after 6 months, and that I have stopped taking it, and now I'm in debt over it. I also said maybe plexus just doesn't work for everybody. Now I'm banned,, apparently they don't want you to speak the truth and tell others it doesn't work,, just keep your mouth shut I guess. I'm not that girl, plexus doesn't work, it sucked my card dry. So many people complained about headaches, diarrhea, low blood sugar, even liver problems their doc would inform them of. People would just say drink more water, keep taking it, it works, or change your routine, it will work...blah blah blah, being honest got me booted from the group, which is fine, it's all a joke anyway. Don't waist your money people,,I spent 190 a month waiting for it "to work" as they said.

  10. Frightening to me, is the fact that so many people are touting this information as fact, with no medical education to their name. They talk about this product as being a cure-all; more like snake-oil in my opinion. I lost a great deal of weight just be clean eating and mild cardio (treadmill 20 minutes a day - walking).

    I'm with Hippocrates:

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

    ― Hippocrates

  11. Well, this is just my worst nightmare come true. I neeever buy into anything like this. I am not at all over-weight. I have numerious issues that they claim to help with and I work A LOT to support my child. I was contacted by someone I know a year ago about this and i refused. They don't stop though. They continued to tell me everything I wanted to hear promising I would "blow up" and "be perfect for this". I have done tons of research. When I did find anything negative they had an explanation for it! I finally Signed up almost 2 weeks ago. I am only 5 days in on the products and of course nothing has changed and then I come across this site... I am a very honest person and i have been relaying the info they are feeding me to my friends and family members... I don't even know what to think or do at this point.

  12. I found this review today...doesn't sound like Plexus is a morally responsible company to me

    I have been trying to reach a representative at Plexus for over a week to cancel my preferred customer auto-ship. I'm not satisfied with the products, but can't get a response to cancel my auto-ship. At this moment, while writing this review, I am currently sitting on hold and have been for nearly an hour. I've sent emails, with no response. I tried logging in online, but there is a development error message, so that was not an option either. Another order is likely to ship to me tomorrow, as I can't get anyone to respond to my cancellation request. I question the integrity of this company's business practices. My next step will be to file a formal complaint with the BBB and the ******** ******* for the State of Arizona. Based on what I have been reading, there is basis for a formal investigation.

  13. I loss over 60 lbs on Plexus slim! I had absolutely no side effects! I have Diabetes that is now controlled, thyroid problems! Many of my medications have been stopped or dosages decreased! I Love Plexus because it helped make me healthy

    1. Going out on a limb here, but you wouldn't happen to be an ambassador would you Debbie? If so, be careful of the claims you make...there are pretty strict rules about what you can and cannot say or even imply. Your comment are the reasons there are guidelines. You are implying that Plexus Slim controls diabetes which has not been proven in any published studies. But why let a little thing like proof stand in your way of making a few bucks?

    2. Here is something you should easily understand. If Plexus Slim really had the 'effects' on health and ability to cure everything that the ambassadors claim, they would have legitimate studies done to prove the claims. Everyone would be a customer! The reason they don't is because the products do not have the health benefits you claim.

      Instead Plexus Slim relies on testimonials, which are biased, from ambassadors who have a financial stake in 'the efficacy' of the product.

      I think every Ambassador should ask themselves:

      'Do you want to be the kind of person who recruits friends, and relatives to get involved in a pyramid scheme in which they face a serious risk of losing their investment and their savings? Is that the kind of person you want to be? If so, you are the problem and it speaks volumes about your character.'


  14. Here is a nice review from a Plexus Slim customer. I mean former Plexus Slim customer...with these side effects it's safe to assume they are no longer a believer.

    "Hi I’m glad i read this!! I started plexus 40 days ago/ i don’t need it loose weight? This girl ? Friended me from high school… Bitch… i hate fake ppl. She hooked me into plexus! For stomach problems and energy??? Lol I’ve tried writing her for over a week ?? She wont reply!! Constant bad headaches!! Gurgling guts! Gas n bloat? On n on? No loss of weight? And no energy still?? I’m done! I’m stopping this shit now!!!! I was on here to find there web sight? To get my money back?? Guarantee?? 250.00?? she said i had to buy 2 months up front??? Help! Stop their bs."

  15. Carrie,

    I do not see a contact us tab. Can you please email me, I have a few questions.



  16. Hilarious.

    Anonymous • 13 days ago
    Plexusslim products now for the health of your dog? Do you people have any pride?

  17. I'll give an honest straight forward review. I've been taking plexus products for about a year and the one good thing I can say is, I don't have to constantly run to the bathroom anymore. I use to get super bad stomach cramps and have diarrhea for a week almost every month. I haven't lost any weight or had this explosive energy, but my stomach has most certainly improved, and if not for anything else, I'll take the freedom of not having to always know where the restroom is on road trips lol

  18. Are these 'ambassadors' really your friends? Or are they self serving?

    Complaint: I have been trying to cancel with Plexus for over two months now. I have called numerous times only to be placed on hold for hours at a time. I have emailed the customer support email continually for the last three months asking to end my order and for instructions on how to return the product they keep sending AFTER I have cancelled. Every email gets an automated response and then nothing further. Follow emails get the same result. I have placed a stop payment with my bank because I don't know what else to do to get these people to stop taking my money for a product I no longer want. It's a shame that a friend of mine convinced me to try this product and I went went his word over warnings that this company was scammy.

  19. Marie says:

    January 15, 2016 at 12:28 am

    So I purchased plexus the tri-plex package. I took it for 6 months faithfully. Drank 1/2 my weight in water. I am not a junk food eater never have been. I ate a few small meals a day.
    All these products have done was make me gain weight, I felt bloated all the time. Made me want to eat all the time, more then I normally would. Had heartburn. I even tried the shakes Plexus 96 when made with coconut milk and fruit is to help reduce your stomach. The have testimonials that you can post to get people to join under you. My up line was on it for over a year and states she lost 70lbs. Looking at pictures of her she might of lost 10.
    The bio cleanse does help with keeping you regular or it could just be because I was drinking more water. The company pays you 5 people down your down line. which is why I feel it is so expensive. Don’t waste your money. Sensible eating and joining a online support group or the buddy system is way cheaper and works better at you are more likely to keep the weight off for good without spending a fortune

  20. I have tried this product cause a friend talked me into trying with her well we have not seen 1 pound lost from our body we gave it the 30 days as it says used in every morning before any good or drinks. No change in our energy level or appetite. I even kicked it up by purchasing the bio pills still nothing. I would give not recommend to other friends, but we are all different but as I mentioned I did this diet a friend also I would give it a higher rate if just 1 of us seen results. They should give rate from 0-10


    1. This company is a scam. I will be sure I post this everywhere possible associated with Plexus. If you buy from your company you will NEVER get a person on the phone to even ask a question about the order. Amazing how easy your company can charge a credit card but can not answer questions. I have called for 3 days straight not to mention the week before and multiple help tickets to csplexus (scam) no response. I am currently on hold for 46 mins and counting. I plan to inform as many people I can FB and other social media DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY- BTW I gained weight on this, what a SCAM


  21. The primary ingredients are readily available from virtually any supplement vendor for a fraction of the cost . None of the ingredients of Plexus Slim have been proven to lead to weight loss, and none of our testers believed the product led to any weight loss.

    If you know someone who is raving about Plexus Slim – and they also happen to sell it – you may want to take their endorsement with a grain of salt, as the company behind it pushes their “network marketing” about as much as they push the product itself.

  22. The 'Ambassadors' have no morals, ethics or values...they do not care about your health, they are trying to line their pockets with your money!


    One problem with Plexus Slim is that because it is sold primarily by affiliates, many of these network marketers have set up review pages to tout the product in hopes of selling it. Others have infiltrated forums, ending glowing reviews with obvious sales pitches.

    Another problem with some reviews and comments regarding Plexus Slim is that you may see anonymous users making outrageous and unsubstantiated claims – often for conditions that the product is not advertised to help.


  23. " Man, another one of those companies that can't sell their product unless they are sneaky and tricky and fool the people, as usual! I should have known better than to get involved in another one of these scams, but I guess I just can't help it!"

    I also took advantage of the free sample for just the cost of shipping and handling just like everyone else. I read that if you didn't cancel within 18 days of ordering then they would send you another bottle but I did not see a price they would charge, until I went online and read all this stuff!! Man, another one of those companies that can't sell their product unless they are sneaky and tricky and fool the people, as usual! I should have known better than to get involved in another one of these scams, but I guess I just can't help it! Now, I have been calling that phone number since Saturday and all I get is a fast busy signal. I tried emailing them but it wouldn't go through! So, I guess my only recourse is to call my credit card and cancel or block any further charges from this company!!

  24. "I have also sent multiple emails only to get a computer generated saying that someone will get back with me which no one ever does. I have requested from them a refund and no one has done so. I would never do business with them ever again".

    Another satisfied

  25. Complaint: This product has not done anything for me. I don't feel any more energized then I was before and I have not lost a single pound from it. I have taken multiple products from Plexus for 4 months with no results. I didn't stop my last automatic order in time so I knew I was returning it as soon as it arrived. I have sent 2 emails and sat on hold for 45 minutes twice trying to reach someone by phone. There has not been any response. First email was 9 days ago. I have the return address but I need a Return Authorization #. By the time I might finally reach someone I will probably be out of my Day Limit to return. I am frustrated with Plexus right now.


  26. Cam • 5 days ago
    A friend of mine is an ambassador and t he other day posted a chart on Facebook about how beneficial plexus is ...with Lou Gehrig's, Alzheimer's, autism, to name a actually disgusted me that they make these claims...or that anyone would believe them! I guess Plexus is the new world saver!! If you can "earn a trip to Hawaii" it is a business and way to many people are falling into the trap and pending thousands to " get gut healthy" my friend ahs been doing it since Sept...hasn't lost any weight that I Can see and when I ask her she says she "fell off the wagon". They have everyone brain the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be probably is!

  27. uh-oh, another ambassador , I mean former ambassador shares her experience...these testimonials don't meet the false hope promised by the mlm simpletons.

    This company is horrible to even work with! After three months it worked on my but it was just too expensive. So I stopped and had a horrible withdrawal for a whole week! It really makes me wonder what I was really putting in my body to have a withdrawal like that.

    So after I stopped taking the product they kept billing me and shipping products to me! I returned both within their time frame and have been trying to get a refund....or even talk to someone for FOUR months! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Complaint: I have received a full package of 5 products worth $189 in the Plexus package (12/24/15). Earlier in December I had indicated to my ambassador that I did not want to receive the whole package but only 3 of the 5 supplements AND that I did not want them until January because I would be out of town for the holidays. She assured me that it was taken care of. Since that time, I have changed my mind about Plexus and have decided I do not want to continue at all with the program. I want to send back the unwanted supplements I have already received and I want Plexus to refund my credit card the full $189. I have the supplements in a package ready to ship back to Plexus, but I need an authorization number for return. I have written the company several times and received no answer. They gave me a ticket number and told me it might be 2-3 days before they responded due to a high volume of emails. I have also called their number and am always being told to hold because we have a high volume of calls. I am sick and tired of writing and there is no answer. I am tired of calling and there is no one who will talk with me. I have waited up to 10 minutes and still gotten no one to talk with me. I want an immediate return number for the products , an immediate discontinuation of shipments, and an immediate refund of my money. I am tired of waiting. I have been trying for over 2 weeks to get a response and no one gives me anything. This is a poor way to do business.

    Desired Settlement: I want a return authorization number to send back the plexus products. I want my credit card account charges reiumbursed for the returned merchandise. I want to discontinue any further shipments from Plexus.

  30. Quality company...complaints to the BBB closing in on many haven't taken the time to complain?

    DWPJanuary 5, 2016 at 4:09 PM
    I've been trying to cancel my autoship for over two months. No response to my MANY emails and I've stayed on hold for hours. Finally called the credit card to stop the charge. They stop it according to the amount. So, plexus changed the amount to make the charge go through. I will refuse the package with the post office next time and I will dispute the charge with my credit card. Then my next step will be to cancel my credit card altogether. What a scam! In the beginning I didn't even intend to cancel my order, only change it, but I refuse to do business with a company that won't reply to emails or answer the telephone.


    giligan hartwellJanuary 5, 2016 at 6:27 PM
    i been trying toi cancell my order for a month now no repsonse very unprofessional.


    MichelleFebruary 16, 2016 at 6:03 AM
    I have also been trying for MONTHS to get my refund. I call, I email, NO RESPONSE. Their customer service is awful! I think there is no 60 day refund.

  31. The simple truth is, these people are not your friends or understand what friendship means:

    I started with MLM in Amway back in 1976, followed by Oxyplan, Alovera, A.L. Williams (now PrimeAmerica), Herbal Life, Enhance, Melelluca, iDiscover, Prepaid Legal, Platinum Gold, you name it because I wanted to help a ‘friend’. Where are those friendship you may ask? Well most have gone away like the MLM products. The companies are responsible for the bad vibes because they should provide training that exclude ATTACKING your friends as opposed to telling the truth about the business and letting the friends decide without pressure or feeling guilty. Amen Amen Amen!

  32. Plexus Slim Bio-Cleanse

    This is a laxative. Always remember, the word “cleanse” means laxative. The Plexus Slim Bio Cleanse supplement lives up to its laxative name because it contains magnesium, which is indeed a laxative. Remember “Milk of Magnesia.” Either way, laxatives don’t cause any weight loss other than mostly water (and of course, poo). The Plexus Slim website lists 2 prices for this product – $29.95 or $39.95 -both of which are too pricey for me.

  33. You may be in a sales cult if...

    You are "sharing" an opportunity to your friend, not selling him something
    Your doing your friend a favor by "sharing" this great opportunity
    You are intentionally keeping something hidden (but not outright mysteries)
    You only have 1 friend at a time (for the opportunity pitches)
    You consider any adult not asleep as potential "friend" to share opportunity with
    You only talk in elevator speeches (entire pitch is within 60 seconds)
    You handle rejection by being magnanimous: remember me, it's okay you're not ready

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. CULT

    The doctor further analyzed that people who are vulnerable to pyramid sales shows certain personalities traits.
    1) They are more emotionally manipulatable than average,
    2) They are irrational optimists, in that they believe they can gain sudden riches, and pyramid sales offer exactly what they crave.
    3) pyramid sales have a carefully designed system to emotionally manipulate people. There are various "award ceremonies" and "recognition" when you get your pay check, sales leader, and so on. When one "wins" such, everybody claps. This sort of recognition, even if artificial, is uncommon in society, and that makes it that much more addicting.
    4) University students don't have the social experience to spot such scams, is optimistic about the future, may even be hungry for "opportunity".

  36. 14 MLM Lies:

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. This is new:

    Mike - February 18th, 2016 at 12:02 PM none Comment author #11783 on The Plexus Scam From The Inside Out by Ethan Vanderbuilt
    Earlier this week, I was horrified to find over $700 missing from my personal checking account. When I investigated, it turns out that my money had been taken directly out of my account by Plexus Worldwide on February 10, 2016. I had never even heard of Plexus until that day. The bank investigated and discovered it was not a data breach by someone using my debit card information to purchase Plexus products, but had been withdrawn by Plexus Worldwide directly without any reason. The matter was sent to the fraud prevention unit of the bank and the local police were notified of the theft, who then in turn notified Arizona State Police (I live in MA) that Plexus had stolen money from me and was likely doing it from people all over the country to fund their product. The local police investigation began yesterday (Feb. 17) into how and why Plexus was able to obtain my personal information but also why they are using strangers’ personal information to fund their business. I’m hoping this gets them shut down because this incident has shown that the entire company profits off of identity theft, bank fraud and other criminal activities beyond the pyramid scheme you’ve revealed here.

    1. This exact thing just happened to me today!!!!! They withdrew over $600! Did you ever get your money back?

  39. Advocator • 7 hours ago
    WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE ever! I have never written a review on anything before but dealing with this company has triggered this response. I sent in a request to return unopened order due to anaphylactic allergic response from first order. My healthcare colleagues and MD encouraged me to stop the system immediately. Sent a request into customer service online on 2/11/16, got an electronic generated customer # and message "Your request for assistance has been received. "Quality Assurance" has been created for you. A member of our customer care team will respond to your case as soon as possible." STILL NO FOLLOW UP from Plexus. Tried calling customer service...spent about 30 MINUTES WAITING for someone to answer. Not acceptable! LESSON LEARNED: Before you plan on purchasing anything LOOK UP REVIEWS on customer service first! If a product is truly good it will reflect heavily on their ability to manage their customer service and keep to their promise. Good luck in dealing with Plexus.

  40. Here we go, bringing Jesus into the equation...

    I know there are ambassadors out there who push the “dream” overly much….it’s our job to control what it is we’re pushing and how much. I like the product, signed on as an ambassador, but if you don’t….that’s fine. I am a Christian who follows Jesus Christ….if you’re not…that’s your choice, but please allow me My Choices also, without all of the TRASH TALK.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. CULT

    Change In Their Personality

    People in MLM scams can develop a different personality. This personality will be consistent with the qualities valued by the group and its leaders and teachings. Members are taught that they are the product of the people around them and they should model those that are where they want to be in the business opportunity. This new personality is often not consistent with their previous character.

    Courtesy of Ethan Vanderbuilt

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.


  49. This complaint to the BBB says it all.

    Complaint: Relying on the integrity of so called "friends/acquaintances, I became a Plexus Ambassador in the Spring, 2015. Admittedly, I should have done my own research prior to "jumping on the bandwagon" but I did not do so. I sold my first order to a friend who broke out in a rash after consuming this product. She returned the product to me and I promptly refunded her money. I returned the remainder of the product to Plexus. Instead of processing a refund, they promptly returned the same package back to me stating that it had been used and therefore they could not issue a refund. So much for their 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. With that being my que to sever ties with this company, I began calling them only to never get through to their "NO" customer service, I have sent email after email, no success, and I continue to get correspondence from their company with the lastest email stating that they were going to charge my card for no activity. This company is absolutely the worst that I have ever been associated with. I began researching to determine if I could possibly be the only person with this situation and have found that there are many people experiencing the same problems that I have with this company. It seems that this company is a complete scam and confirms my belief that it is a pyramid scheme and the only people that are being helped by this product are those scamming others. Additionally, I have become very skeptical of those that represent this company. Best advice, stay away from this company/product and warn your friends. Thank you.


  50. Products are fine and all. It's Plexus Customer Service is the worst customer service ever. Part of my order didn't show up, so after calling and being on hold for half an hour until I could actually speak with someone, I just told them I wanted a refund on the missing items. No problem right, rep got it done and said it would be posted in 3-5 business days and I'd have the refund. Eight business days later, no refund. So I email in because I wasn't going to wait for half an hour again to talk to someone. Now I find out that it takes a full credit cycle, a month, before the refund is issued. So, pissed off as I am, I ask for the corporate number or the supervisor and all I get is avoidance. Customer service is what makes a company, and from dealing with this shifty service, I'm done with the company. I work in Customer service and issue refunds when necessary. Most financial institutions only take 7-10 business days to issue the refund, we have gotten this information straight from the credit card companies. Today is the 15th business day. This company is a joke! And guess what..I still have not gotten a response from a supervisor or from corporate. I would of just returned all the crap from Plexus if it didn't take a month to get a refund, but for that long, what's the use.

  51. Signed up as an ambassador because my wifes friends told her it worked, after 3 months and almost 500$ she decided it wasn't worth the expense so I "tried" to cancel by calling and emailing only getting automated responses. I finally had to cancel my debit card to get them to stop billing me. To me is a scam but that's only my opinion.

  52. Signed up as an ambassador because my wifes friends told her it worked, after 3 months and almost 500$ she decided it wasn't worth the expense so I "tried" to cancel by calling and emailing only getting automated responses. I finally had to cancel my debit card to get them to stop billing me. To me is a scam but that's only my opinion.

  53. I started taking it because my friend is an ambassador, and I have seen a lot of her posts and was curious. (She's down 2 sizes in 4 months.) I have maybe taken it for 2 weeks, and I have noticed a positive difference in my moods. I have stopped drinking pop, which was a life long habit I was unable to do.
    I've read through the opinions posted here; and I am not a medical doctor, but I can tell you common sense tells me that if you feel something you're doing/taking is having adverse effects on you, then STOP TAKING IT. Don't take more. That would be called common sense. And I really don't think that Plexus ate your brain cells up, so if you do not have that much sense in you, then you were just born stupid.
    I have spent lots of money of products that do not work for me. They make me hungrier- I go on binges, eating everything in sight. I could never kick the pop habit. Couldn't stand drinking water. I would have vicious mood swings, because my sugar would drop so low, because I was trying to consume the recommended calories. My body was constantly stiff. I'm 30 years old, and when I woke up in the mornings I felt like I was 80. And then I started taking plexus. I only take the pink drink, none of their other products, and everything I have described has almost totally went away in 2 weeks. When and if I start feeling bad or having negative side effects to Plexus, I will stop taking it, because I know my body.


  54. My cousin sent me a sample of the pink drink to try. I tried it & had an allergic reaction to it. My tongue swelled up & my throat got tight making it hard to breathe. I told her about it & her response was well it takes time for your body to adjust & it's all natural so it shouldn't have done that. My response was well just because it's all natural doesn't mean my body can't have a reaction & you don't give your body time to adjust with an allergic reaction.

    You wouldn't tell a child with a peanut allergy oh sweetheart it's all natural & your body just needs time to adjust...


  55. My cousin sent me a sample of the pink drink to try. I tried it & had an allergic reaction to it. My tongue swelled up & my throat got tight making it hard to breathe. I told her about it & her response was well it takes time for your body to adjust & it's all natural so it shouldn't have done that. My response was well just because it's all natural doesn't mean my body can't have a reaction & you don't give your body time to adjust with an allergic reaction.

    You wouldn't tell a child with a peanut allergy oh sweetheart it's all natural & your body just needs time to adjust...

  56. Detoxing? No.
    Dehydration? Yes.

    I love the, 'these are typical symptoms of your body detoxing' statements made by ambassadors. The symptoms are signals the body is sending that there is an issue. Shhh, don't tell the truth...there's no money in that for the upline.


    hives and other skin rashes
    weight gain
    nausea, vomiting
    inability to concentrate, mental fog
    heart palpitations
    These are not symptoms of supplement-induced detoxification!!! These are symptoms of dehydration and starvation. When many people undertake a detox plan or a new diet, they dramatically cut their caloric intake and unfortunately the do not consume enough water, or consume substances with diuretic properties which therefore increase their odds of becoming dehydrated. On day one of a typical ‘detox ‘/ diet, people often feel bad. They are hungry, may experience dizziness or irritability, and feel fatigued. By day two, their body starts breaking down muscle mass to provide them with energy and they may experience additional mood swings, difficulty sleeping, or overwhelming fatigue. By the third day, they are likely having headaches, muscle pain or stiffness, and even dizziness or nausea. Rolling into the fourth and fifth days (if they have lasted that long), their body has started to adapt to the new situation and slowed down your metabolism so they don’t feel the same degree of hunger, but they still may be dealing with altered mood, headaches, and nausea. Many people who report a 6-8lb weight loss during the initial period of any detox or diet are truly losing water and a small degree of muscle mass. They are not losing fat! You will notice that when you look at symptoms in this light, they are nearly all truly the result of dehydration and lack of calories, they have nothing to do with ‘detoxing’."

  57. This site you are all reading is a scam!! Get real people and stop bashing companies because you want yours to look better!

    1. Pot. Meet Kettle. LOL

    2. Plexus Slim is a scam. Edge=Caffeine/Caffeine=brain food. Hilarious!

    3. The Pink Drink ScamJuly 25, 2016 at 9:24 AM

      Betty W. This site is not a scam, it's one where the truth is shared. Sharing is not bashing.

  58. It's called killing off Candida overgrowth! Do your homework and research it yourself! You guys have nothing better to do than pick on one company verses how many? For a company that does bad they sell one million worth of products a month! If they did everything listed on this site they would be shut down. SMH

    1. The Pink Drink ScamJuly 25, 2016 at 9:20 AM

      SMH as well Betty W! They DID everything listed on this site and they should be shut down.

  59. I have been on plexus triplex for almost 2 months. I have gained almost 10lbs. Especially belly fat. I was told I was 'detoxing' & not to give up because this was a sign of how badly I needed to heal. NEVER AGAIN.

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  62. More than half a century of quantifiable evidence, proves beyond all reasonable doubt that what has become popularly known as 'Multi-Level' or 'Network Marketing' is nothing more than an absurd, cultic, economic pseudo-science, and that the impressive-sounding made-up term 'MLM,' is, therefore, part of an extensive, thought-stopping, non-traditional jargon which has been developed, and constantly-repeated, by the instigators, and associates, of various, copy-cat, major, and minor, ongoing organized crime groups (hiding behind labyrinths of legally-registered corporate structures) to shut-down the critical, and evaluative, faculties of victims, and of casual observers, in order to perpetrate, and dissimulate, a series of blame-the-victim closed-market swindles or pyramid scams (dressed up as 'legitimate direct selling income opportunites'), and related advance-fee frauds (dressed up as 'legitimate training and motivation, self-betterment, programs, leads, ' etc.).

    David Brear (copyright 2015)


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