Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Alfred Pettersen President/Shareholder

Alfred Pettersen 

According to a court document dated May 2016, Alfred John Pettersen has admitted to TAX FRAUD, with Tarl Robinson and Plexus Worldwide.

Alfred Pettersen was born in July 1938, Alfred John Pettersen.
He is a Canadian from Brentwood Bay, Victoria, whom ended up becoming known as the President of Plexus Worldwide.

Now some are calling him a thief, a pervert and a pedophile! That is just horrible!

"Alf" as he was often referred to. was the Alma Mater Society President of the University of Victoria, BC school from 1962-1963.

In February 1962 at Beaver Lake Park, Victoria, BC an enchanted fairy tale park called  "Wooded Wonderland" was opened.

The "Wooded Wonderland" was designed and managed by Alfred Pettersen. He hired Hungarian native, Elek Imredy, sculptor, where fabulous storybook characters were sculptured. Humpty Dumpty, as big as life, is perched on a wall, Little Boy Blue is blowing his horn, Jack and Jill are carrying their buckets up a hill, and Old Mother Hubbard is apologizing to her dog because she's out of bones, just to name a few.

In 1964 just south of the border in Tacoma, Washington Alfred sought to replicate his Canadian theme park. With the help of 7 investors,including John Hewitt Jr. and Chauncery Griggs"Never Never Land" came to life.

In 1967 Hewitt and Pettersen went on to Ontario, Canada to create "Never Never Land" on 10 acres of land at Hill Island.

Out of these fairy tails and theme parks, it is thought that business associations were created.

In 1996 Alfred was faced with a $2,400.00 small claims case in Canada. He was named one of 3 claimants, including:  John Busswood and Anthony Neumeyer against defendant Cameron Howard. 

Interesting Facts about this 1996 case.
John Busswood
Past Presidential Director
Enrich/Unicity International
January 1991

Anthony Neumeyer
of the 2008 registerd company "James Anthony Llc" with James Goble located at: 

Other business listed with this address

2006 ~ Iteleserve Inc. (James Goble)
2010 ~ WCC Tracker Inc.
2011 ~ WCC WEBSITE HOSTING SERVICES, INC (both James and Anthony)

For those unaware and needing to play catch up: 
James Goble was Plexus Wireless, which then became Plexus Worldwide.

1992 - 2007 Enrich was were Alfred hung his hat for many years as a distributor. 

One can assume that this is where Pettersen met Busswood. 

We have come to learn Neumeyer was an Enrich Distributor as well. His business of vitamin and food supplements called " Neumeyer Enterprises" was located in North Vancouver, BC Canada. 

I think it's safe to assume this connection.

Neumeyer's info found via google search

Friends are great to use for endorsements:  from the Busswood's

July 1997 Alfred Pettersen was a speaker in Hawaii representing Enrich under Ken Pontious and TEAM Paragon. This is where Tarl and Alfred get acquainted, as Tarl's mother was married to Ken

It is said that after the sale of Enrich distributors left. According to Alfred's claim, he was with Enrich until 2007.

In 2003, Y2Agency and Y2Marketing was formed with Patrick Hunt

"Y2Marketing is North America’s fastest growing marketing consulting and fulfillment services firm. We help you separate your business from the competition then eliminate them in the minds of your prospects. We’ve found that even though most companies are pretty good at what they do, their marketing messages don’t reflect their unique strengths and advantages." source:
They go on to say "To find out if our services can help your business grow, like we have done for over 9,000 other businesses throughout North America, please give us a call at 250-384-2930 or 1-866-250-7732, or email us

The bottom line is this…We make businesses more money."

Who is Patrick Hunt? His company is called "Compass Solutions Inc Body By Vi 90 Challenge"
He lists the same address and phone # as was listed for Y2 (Suite 101 - 2930 Cook St., Victoria, BC V8T 3S7 Phone (250) 384-2930 FAX (250) 384-2939)

November 2006 Alfred was involved in a civil court case with CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE where in 2007 a default judgement was awarded: 
Default Judgment
  1. default judgment in default of defence against the defendant for the total of $57,015.52 plus costs to be assessed
In this case Alfred Pettersen was the defendant.

It must be noted that more court cases exist, but access to those Canadian Federal court records is not available. We just know that records do exist for cases in 2006 and in 2007.

It seems as though Alfred reconnected with his past associate, Anthony Nuemeyer and that led to his connection and introduction to James Goble of Plexus Wireless.

2005 Plexus Wireless came into being.

 In 2006 they changed their website and unofficially named to Plexus Pink, again with Jim Goble and Bill Brooksher

Unclear as to when they self published this info: 

In 2007 Plexus Wireless was formally changed to Plexus Worldwide.

In 2007 we find Alfred with Gregory Spencer of the "Breast Cream" here: 

listed along with Jimmy Kossert and Noah Sifuentes.

What was not said until now was: 
""James A. Brinton, age 63, of Provo and Noah Sifuentes, age 58, of Orem pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute phentermine and one count of conspiracy to commit international money laundering in U.S. District Court Tuesday afternoon. Brinton and Sifuentes were charged as a part of an internet pharmacy case involving the distribution of drugs smuggled into the country from Mexico.""
between October 1, 2003, and July 18, 2007, they conspired with others charged in the case to distribute a controlled substance, specifically phentermine.
found here:

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and helps people lose weight.

Kossert built a worldwide sales organization at Enrich International, Inc with over $700 million in sales.

Did Alfred finally learn of Sifuentes illegal activity and part ways?
He seems to have a pattern of involving himself with people with criminal activities.
What happenend between Kossert and Pettersen?

In 2008 Alfred involves himself, current Plexus Worldwide Ceo Tarl Robinson and Jennifer Pike in the "Know Now Foundation"

  • Tarl Robinson was selling real estate prior to this.
  • The agent used is Kelly Johnson (same name as Kelly Johnson of Plexus Pink) coincidence? 

We know 2008 is the legal incorporation date, but who is to say how long they operated prior to that. 

In July 8, 2010, in Nevada, Pettersen filed papers for the business entity Candale.
That record states Candale has been revocked. It shows up 4 years later in Arizona.

In 2014  Arizona records show that in 2014 "Candale Enterprises, LLP" is formed again, this time by Alfred Pettersen and Mark Derr, and Mark Derr Inc.

Mark Derr

Mark Derr Inc. is co-owned by Penny D Derr and Mark D Derr, which was once called, MDD & CO, INC.
Mark  is one of the other partners listed in Alfred's new venture with Dennis Harris, GHPD LLP

You can find more about Mark here on his B2B page and view his past history as Chief Financial Officer and VP, Finance and Administration
DynCorp Aviation Services, Inc. here:

Alfred Pettersen used this company, Candale,  for the following patents: 

01/01/15 - 20150000013 - Exterior sport helmet pad
Inventors: Alfred Pettersen (Candale Enterprises, Llp)

09/18/14 - 20140259309 - Exterior sport helmet pad
An exterior sport helmet pad includes a formed base pad, the formed base pad accommodating a sports helmet with an outer shell, the formed base pad being fitted to the sports helmet by internal contact pressure, and a first plurality of holes disposed on the formed base pad, the first... 
Inventors: Alfred Pettersen 

Ever wonder how and why Plexus got that B2B Smart Award in 

2013? Thank Mark Derr.

Ever wonder how Alfred met Mark?
Thank B2B

Alfred Petterson, one busy man with his hands in may pots.

Then all hell breaks lose for Canada's Plexus Ambassadors and an Ultimatum is given in Feb. 2014

Not long after:

In June 2014 he announces his "retirement" from Plexus and says he wants to spend some time with his new bride, Anna Cutler.

"Alfred has never taken a break from Plexus in over six years and he absolutely deserves the extended break. In addition, he was recently married and wants to spend some quality time with his wife, Anna, and their respective families. "

 Well, what some don't know is that Anna has been a Plexus employee for many years. 

They purchased a home together in Scottsdale on February 2014 for $1,425,000 

Months prior to this announcement Alfred goes into business with Dennis Harris who was dubbed "Plexus Medical Advisor", Mark Derr and life long business partner to Dennis, Ronald General. They form company called "GHPD LLP" late December 2013

""As a stockholder in the company, you can be sure that Plexus will never be far from my mind." - Alfred Pettersen, Plexus Int'l President "" (dated june 2014)

Harris is a smart man and he can see the writing on the walls, it's time to go! Nobody wants to stick around for the onslaught that the FDA has thrown their way, (and are still investigating), the Australian and Canadian governments did not approve resale of their products as they contained banned substances resulting in major loss of ambassadors to other companies. Not to mention that Plexus was exporting to some of these countries under false information and did not tell those ambassadors that they could only purchase for personal use. They waited years before they announced that newsflash. The new products that were being offered for resale weren't working like the ones that contained DMAA.
More can be read here:

Please return for more updates to come,

from plexus site;

Alfred Pettersen Plexus Slim WorldwideWe want to share some internal news with all of you. Plexus International President Alfred Pettersen has decided to take an extended sabbatical to spend time with his family. Alfred has been an extremely important figure in the guidance of Plexus over the last 6 years, and while it is bittersweet, we fully support his decision.
Alfred has never taken a break from Plexus in over six years and he absolutely deserves the extended break. In addition, he was recently married and wants to spend some quality time with his wife, Anna, and their respective families.
“I feel that the timing is perfect. As the Executive Team and Sr. leadership begin to turn Plexus into a well-oiled machine, Tarl can focus more closely on the Plexus vision and purpose and less on day to day management issues. Taking a more encompassing look at the company, where it is, and where it has the potential to go. I am taking a break from Plexus; As a stockholder in the company, you can be sure that Plexus will never be far from my mind.” – Alfred Pettersen, Plexus Int’l President
More than ever before, we are excited for the future at Plexus. After an incredible Convention in Dallas, everyone here at Home Office along with our Ambassadors are ready for the challenge of creating Health, Wealth and Happiness for people across the globe.
We know that this decision was very difficult for Alfred, but we also know that he always has the best interests of Plexus, the Ambassadors, and his family in mind – we wish him the best during his time away!
Tarl Robinson, CEO

Ground Breaking Ceremony at Pima.. Alfred was not there! 


  1. It appears this case continues... Latest documentation June 6, 2016.

  2. Very curious if this has been updated. I am a former employee, and take a lot of interest in how much that goes on there, gets exposed.


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