Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Plexus in Canada

Plexus Worldwide plans to operate in  Canada under the name "Plexus Canada Limited Partnership"

""Plexus Canada Limited Partnership

Plexus Canada Limited Partnership is committed to providing our Ambassadors with life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom.

In early 2011 Plexus launched the synergistic product combination of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The initial results were extremely impressive and sales have grown dramatically month over month.

Our core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible.

These beliefs encompass all that we do. You can have confidence in the quality of our products, the commitment to our Ambassadors, and the support we will provide to help you succeed.""

Plexus Canada Limited Partnership lists their address as this lawyers located at

1100 One Bentall Centre
505 Burrard Street, Box 11
Vancouver, BC

They did register  Plexus Canada Limited Partnership in Saint John with
Stewart McKelvey
Corporate Services
(NB) Inc.
Saint John
on August 18, 2015
They would like to be called; Plexus Canada Enterprises Ltd. so they filed to change their name. As usual.

Plexus Canada Enterprises Ltd.
Registered on June 25, 2014 in Alberta, Canada

If anyone is believing the crap, the Plexus Worldwide/Plexus Holdings is trying to sell them, they better keep reading the Plexus in Canada history below.

Plexus in Canada. I thank you Plexus Worldwide for the scam that you pulled on the citizens of Canada. Your dirty game playing and sneaky business tactics was the start of your demise.

Here's part of the story:

Alfred Petterson says: "Do not screw things up for yourself.."
and issues an ultimatum to Canadian Plexus Ambassadors!
Most Canadian Ambassadors comply
and try to remove all traces of their association with the company!!
Some do not

One company manager, Serena Molangi, denied publicly that the company keeps any records of who lives in what area. 
If that was the fact, then one must wonder why people associated with the company residing in the USA, and Australia did NOT get this email. With that said, how can the company provide a listing of ambassadors in Canada, if they do not keep these types of records.

This Email was sent out to many Canadian Plexus Ambassadors in February 2014. 

To my fellow Canadians, 
While Plexus is going through the process of obtaining approvals to do business in Canada, Health Canada allows Canadians to order Plexus products on a program called NFR (click here for complete details from Health Canada). That translates to "Not-For-Resale." Here is what that means:
You can order product for PERSONAL USE ONLY. And, the most product that you can order at one time, is a 3 month supply. PERSONAL USE also includes you immediate family.
That's what NFR means.
For clarity, here is what you cannot do:
1.    You cannot resell the products you bring in.
2.    You cannot runs ads talking about the products or the business opportunity.
3.    You cannot try to recruit people to do the business.
4.    You cannot run ads or put up flyers promoting the products or the business.
5.    You cannot have web-sites promoting the products or the business.
6.    You cannot promote or hold Plexus meetings.
7.    You cannot arrange and conduct conference calls about Plexus.
Until we obtain our approvals to do business in Canada, here is the ONLY THING that you are allowed to do:
You are allowed to Order Plexus Products - up to a 3 month supply -- for personal use only. That's it.
One of the consultants helping us obtain approvals to do business in Canada said that the NFR program is being abused by so many companies and so many people, Health Canada is considering shutting down the program altogether. Let's not be part of the problem. Let's be part of the solution.
We are doing our part to ensure that our Canadian Customers are following the strict guidelines of the NFR program. If we discover that you are in violation of NFR policies, we will send you a written warning. If you are caught violating the NFR policies again, you will be suspended. It is that simple.
We are also going to refuse to ship to Canada any product packages or tools which are available in the USA for promoting or building a Plexus Business. Until we have our approvals, they are not permitted under the NFR program.
We are working very hard to obtain our approvals to do business in Canada. The end is in sight. Do not screw things up for yourself or for Plexus. Please work with us and comply with the NFR regulations.
Alfred Pettersen,
International President of Plexus
Hometown: Victoria, BC.
Interestingly enough, I received a private email from Serena Molangi in January 2014: 

""As to the NFR, Canada has always been an NFR country. We are in the process of registering and will send out an announcement when we are done.
I’ve been made aware of some of your posts and do understand your frustration but I do ask that you give us the opportunity to help you rather than post online your frustration about Plexus and Canada.""

That's how they operate, they try to stop you from publicly voicing what is going on. They want people to stop asking questions and have it all hush hush.

Why wouldn't someone wonder what was going on, especially since they have been a part of the Plexus Worldwide family for several years!

""From: Plexus Worldwide, Inc (
Sent: December0111
8:13:54 AM
To: Canada (
Hello Carrie, Welcome aboard!
Your ID: 44542
THANK YOU for joining Plexus Worldwide Inc. We are thrilled to have you as part of the worldwide Plexus family!""

Your Sponsor's Name: Heather Hill

Prior to the issuance of this threatening email, Canadians were heavily involved in the promotion of the company, helping the company expand into areas across Canada and sharing the products and the business opportunity of their own free will.  After this email, the majority of the `Money Makers`` deleted (or tried to) delete their links showing their involvement.

Some of them however, showed their real intentions:

"Hi Everyone, I just finished talking to Heather Hill and spoke to Plexus Kim Praught Thompson this morning.... We are looking to set up a small team of 10, who are positive, happy and don't complain when times get tough. We are going to try something new with building our teams... if you are interested in joining us... please private message me and we will pick from there. Thank you....."

They wanted to continue to do business with Plexus Worldwide and build a team in the USA, even though they knew that Plexus was under a 'Not for Resale' declaration and that they should not technically be making money with the company.

I guess it's hard to let go of that money, and position you have had with the company since at least Dec 01, 2011 

Is the secret to weight loss is found in a little pink drink, or is it all about the marketing and game playing? 

Congratulations to all Plexus Worldwide Ambassadors
Have a peek at the Canadian Team!
Great Accomplishment for 3 great gals that worked very hard in 2011 to promote Plexus,
both the product and the business.

Legitimate or not for these Canadians?

Pictured below: Canadian Ambassador Deena Stanzel, Gina Foret (usa upline). Canadian Plexus Slim Ambassador Heather Hill

Plexus Worldwide Income Earners and Canadian Top Leaders in 2012:
Gina Foret, (usa) Heather Hill, Laurie Sullivan (USA Ambassador=profits from most as she is the sponsor of Heather Hill), Deena Stanzel, Marilyn Harris, Kim Praught Thompson, Tracy Rotinsky, Nicolle Morrison

One year later.. 2013 Plexus Worldwide Canadian Leaders and Top Income Earners
Marilyn Harris, Nicolle Morrison, Tracy Symonwoniuk, Sandra Curry, ??, Deena Stanzel, Mark Stanzel, Tracey Rotinsky, Kim Praught, Ange Dent, Mr, Samel.

** Fun Fact **

Taken from Plexus communications dated 2013: 

"Decide what you want... believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you. "
-Emerald Ambassador Heather Hill

The scandal unfolds and the deception on the part of this company starts to come to surface.

In late summer, early fall of 2013, many Canadian Plexus Ambassadors began to question why they had to pay for duty (taxes) on their orders. Some packages were arriving via Canada Post with invoices attached to be paid prior to release of their package. Some of these packages had invoices from CBSA, some from the post office.

Canadian Ambassadors were told by their Canadian upline, that a refund would be issued after they contacted the company. They were instructed to either email or contact the company, a company that does not have a toll free phone #. Most found that it was a struggle to get through to the company, some had additional long distance costs incurred in this. Those that sent emails were not getting a reply. Once someone finally reached a company contact they were instructed differently. Those that were told that they would get the funds reimbursed, had to constantly follow up on this as the company was not keeping their word.

Soon many Canadians began to get only part of their orders. The product, Plexus Slim that they ordered did not arrive. Instead they had been given documents from Canadian Border Services Agency explaining why the product they ordered, Plexus Slim, was seized. It states that this particular product, Plexus Slim contains Hoodia. Hoodia is recognized globally as a banned/protected plant, and specific permits must accompany every export order. No permits were provided by Plexus. In fact, Plexus has never provided these permits since they have been exporting their Plexus Slim from their Arizona location from 2011 onwards.

For many Plexus Ambassadors, they have ordered these products at a discount to re-sell to their local customers, in order to earn a profit by doing so. These people were left without any product to sell, left trying to figure out how to explain this to their customers, and left trying to find out what was going on and how they could get their money back or get the products they ordered. They relied on their upline again for support and for answers. The were told to contact the company and ask them to reship the products. Many did just that, and many shared their stories and the answers they got on a secret facebook group for Canadian Plexus Ambassadors.

However, one unknown person contacted the Canadian Border Services Agency directly to get answers.
It was discovered that Plexus has been illegally exporting their product to Canada without permits from day one, and by doing so has been putting innocent people at risk of high fines (if not more (jail time) . Many Canadians involved in the company began to ask more questions and share their answers on that secret facebook site. 

~ Shipping ~ 

Plexus Worldwide just can't seem to get their shipping right! How hard can it be to send packages Internationally? I guess if you are finding your way around the system, evading the laws and trying not to get caught exporting products, it is difficult.

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 18:21:56 -0500
Subject: Update: Canada Shipping

Canadian Ambassadors,

Update: All packages shipping to Canada will be picked up from our warehouse by FedEx beginning Monday, March 10th. 

What we have with FedEx is called a Brokerage Account. What that means is that the information as to what's in each package is sent electronically via FedEx to the border and pre-cleared by Canada Customs. So, when the actual package arrives at the border, because it is pre-cleared, it moves on through without a delay.

They are estimating that a combo pack shipped to Ontario should take about 4 business days.


Alfred Pettersen

Plexus International President


Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 18:50:14 -0400
Subject: Canada Updates

Updates for our Canadian Ambassadors

  • Registration: We are getting closer and closer to being approved to conduct business in Canada (the estimate at this time is early-mid April). Once we have gained official status to operate outside of NFR (Not-For-Resale) status in Canada, restrictions on your Plexus business will be lifted.
  • Communication: We have set up a dedicated email address for our Canadian Ambassadors. Beginning Monday, March 24th, you can contact us through and you can expect a response within 24 hours.
  • Shipping: 11 days ago we began to use FedEx as our official shipping provider to Canada. While we are seeing that packages are continuing to clear customs and continue on their routes, we are seeing some extended delays due to Health Canada inspecting packages. We expect this to be resolved early next week and we will update you with the status as soon as reasonably possible.
  • NFR Reminder: Please note that "drop-shipping" orders (placing an order through your own Back Office and having it shipped directly to someone else) violates the NFR guidelines. Ambassadors and Customers must have their own accounts.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to push towards being fully licensed in Canada!


Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 20:00:22 -0400
Subject: FedEx Update

Update on FedEx in Canada

On Friday, we let you know that some packages were still experiencing extended delays as they came through inspection by Health Canada. All of the packages that were being held have now been cleared and are on their way to their destination!

As of this time, all products are cleared through FedEx to ship into Canada with minimal delay, with the exception of Fast Relief Nerve Health Support. Until Nerve Health Support has been cleared to ship through FedEx (the estimate is three weeks), any orders that contain Nerve Health Support will be shipped in separate packages - Nerve Health Support will be sent by USPS, while any other products will be sent by FedEx.


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 20:04:13 -0400
Subject: Registration Update

Full Approval Moves Closer in Canada

We are pleased to announce that our efforts to become fully approved to do business in Canada took a huge step today. We finally received what is called our Opinion Letter.

The Competition Bureau exams Plexus, the company - its policies, its web-sites, its comp plan, etc. - and makes a determination as to whether or not they are happy to allow us to operate in Canada. So, it is a big deal for us to obtain that Opinion Letter.

What are the next steps? Even though we have successful obtained the Opinion Letter, we still have more work to do. We must apply for a Direct Sellers License for all 10 provinces in Canada. Those applications are getting underway immediately.

At the same time, we can now apply in earnest to get each of our products approved for sale in Canada. Each product must carry an NPN - Natural Product Number. Some products will pass quickly because the ingredients are well known to Health Canada. Others, where we are making some sort of a claim about what the product does, may take longer. Submissions for NPN have already begun. We have two products already submitted for NPN and have about three more in the next week.

As soon as a product receives an NPN, we will be able to ship it direct to you from a warehouse in Canada. Products which do not yet have an NPN will be shipped through FedEx until they receive the NPN.

Please note that as of right now, we are still on NFR regulations and all products will continue to be shipped by FedEx for the immediate future until NPN status is achieved.

So, it is all good news for Canada. We thank you for your patience and support. We are closing in on the finish line and hope you are pleased with this latest news.


Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 15:59:51 -0400
Subject: News for Canada and Weekly Leaders

Plexus is Approved to do Business in Canada!

We are pleased to announce that Plexus is open to do business in Canada.

What does that mean?? What are the restrictions??

You can now promote your Plexus Business in Canada. It also means that the company can also sponsor and promote meetings in Canada.

BUT... and this is very important to remember... you still cannot bring products into Canada for re-sale.

Let us explain:

We are approved to do business in Canada. We can talk about the business opportunity and openly promote it. But we still have to operate under NFR (Not-For-Resale) or "Personal Use Importation" as Health Canada and Canadian Customs refer to it.

This means that you can bring products into Canada for your personal use only. You cannot bring in products for the purpose of re-selling them.

When will this "Personal Use Importation" change?

For over the last year and a half Plexus has been successfully working with Health Canada for the registration of its products as Natural Health Products by submitting its products to Health Canada for approval. The good news is that once a product is approved, Plexus will be issued an NPN (Natural Product Number) for that specific product and our Ambassadors will be able to sell these products and build their respective businesses.

This is the sequence. Once we have received an NPN for a particular product, two things will happen:

  1. We will be able to bulk ship that product into Canada and ship all orders of that product directly to you - from inside Canada.
  2. You will be able to re-sell that particular product in Canada.  These products will no longer have to be classified under the Not For Resale program. 

This is great news for all of you business builders - eh?!

We are very excited about this news and wish you much success with building your business in Canada. Canada has always been a very strong country for network marketing and we expect it will be huge for Plexus as we move forward.

Look for a more detailed report on Building Your Plexus Business in Canada next week.
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 18:03:10 -0400
Subject: Update for Canada

Hello Canada!

We wanted to give you an update on the status of Plexus products for resale in Canada.
Here are the key steps for accomplishing this, and where we are in the process:

(1) An opinion letter has been received by Plexus from the Competition Bureau. This is a preliminary step, which allows for Plexus to apply for various licenses in the Canadian provinces.

(2) Plexus is in the process of applying for the appropriate licenses in the Canadian provinces. The type of license(s) and timeframe for securing the license can vary greatly from province to province.

(3) Plexus has submitted a number of products to Health Canada and related agencies for review. The approval time for these products is widely variable, dependent on a number of factors including the number and type of ingredients. So far, approval has been received for X Factor and Body Cream. However, this does not yet allow these products to be used for resale until the other elements of the process are completed.

(4) We are doing an extensive internal review of how we can best get product into Canada, most efficiently and effectively ship product to our Canadian partners, and re-label products to support Canadian legal requirements (including French translation). While this might on the surface seem like a simple process, the implications are far-reaching (to the company and to our Ambassadors) if not done properly. We have retained strong legal, financial, and operational talent to conduct this review and have placed a self-imposed deadline of 30 June to complete this activity.

 So, what does all of this mean?

Plexus is moving steadily toward having certain products available for resale in Canada, but we have not yet "crossed the finish line."
While this is taking more time than we would have hoped, please be assured that our commitment to Canada is very strong. We are doing everything possible to expedite the process, while also ensuring that the end result best supports our Ambassadors and the company.

Our commitment is that by 7 July, we will provide to you a more definitive update, including specific estimated dates of when and what products will be available for resale in Canada. We hugely appreciate your patience and look forward to the time when we are fully able to resell products in Canada!
Sincerely and with gratitude to you,
Plexus Worldwide  

(found here:
Wed, 25 Jun 2014 22:34:53 -0400
An Update on Shipping to Canada

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here

We wanted to make you aware of a corrective action that we have taken regarding some recent shipments to Canada. Here is some background, a description of the situation we inadvertently caused, and how it has been fixed.

In reviewing our past shipments to Canada, we identified several significant issues. We were (in certain cases) having significant delays with shipments after entering customs. Some shipments had been delayed several weeks, without Plexus being properly notified of the issues. Although this mostly affected one province, we became increasing concerned that this might affect other provinces in the future. Furthermore, the cost of shipping was unreasonably high and the ability to properly track through customs was not where it needed to be. This caused us to re-evaluate our shipping methods, and make the switch to United Parcel Service (UPS).

In wanting to quickly correct the shipping situation, we made several oversights. We neglected to let you know of the change, and we inadvertently created a situation where UPS was asking ambassadors to pay duties and taxes. Plexus believed that we were being directly charged for these expenses, and had intended (and does intend) to pay these (as we had done in the past). As soon as we learned of the situation, we and UPS immediately made the necessary corrections so that future orders are properly handled. This was corrected for all shipments as of Wednesday, Jun 25th.

For the shipments that have left between Jun 18th and Jun 24th, the following action is being taken:
We are working with UPS to get the shipments released, without the Ambassador having to pay any duties or taxes. Shipments are likely to be delayed up to 3 days, although we are exploring ways to shorten this timeframe.
If an Ambassador has already paid the duties and/or taxes, Plexus will reimburse those costs to the Ambassador. Please email documentation of the payment made to

We continue to be fully committed to supporting growth in Canada. We also recognize that we have made some missteps along the way, and hugely appreciate your patience as we work through matters such as these. Plexus is about continuous improvement and we have learned a great deal through this process. We realize that communication is paramount, and we will strive to greatly improve this regarding any future changes.
Your friends and partners at Plexus Worldwide
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Hello Canada!

We wanted to continue to update you on the status of various topics related to products and support for Canada.
1. Status of Plexus products for resale in Canada. As indicated in our previous email, we have received an opinion letter from the Competition Bureau and approval for XFactor and Body Cream. During the past few weeks we have also applied for the appropriate licenses in each of the Canadian provinces. One of the key remaining items is receiving approval for additional products in Canada. This has proved a lengthy process, as we submitted Plexus Slim for approval in February, and have not yet received word back regarding this product. We have also submitted six other products for approval, with a few additional products that may be submitted in the next month or so. Additionally, we are in the process of working with suppliers to set up Canadian in-country distribution of product. Finally, we are having an independent third party review the relevant U.S. and Canadian income tax regulations to ensure there are no unintended tax and/or other consequences for Plexus or our Ambassadors. So what does all of this mean? Primarily based on the timeframes we are seeing for filing and receiving approval from Health Canada, we are estimating that product will be available for resale in the 1st Quarter of 2015.  The products expected to be available at that time will be Plexus Slim, Boost, Fast Relief, Nerve Health, Xfactor, Body Lotion, and P96.  Additional products may be released after that time, as available. We recognize that this revised timeline is substantially later than we had once believed. Unfortunately, the complexity and length of time necessary to become registered for resale have proved to be more than originally anticipated. As such, a revised plan has been developed with the following two objectives.  First, we need to have a good variety of products for resale; this provides flexibility for our Ambassadors, and at the same time, it makes country-wide distribution financially viable. Second, we intend to be thorough to ensure that Plexus is properly set up to support a thriving Canadian market. In retrospect, we were overly optimistic and substantially underestimated the timeframe for being ready to resale products in Canada.  We believe the current timeline to be conservative (although not overly so).

2. Shipping Update.  As indicated in a previous communication, we have changed our international courier from FEDEX to UPS. As part of this transition, Plexus encountered numerous shipping issues which have negatively impacted a number of customers. We HUGELY APOLOGIZE for the problems this has caused, and the strain it has put on our Canadian Leadership to address these concerns. We believed that we had the problem fixed mid last week, but found that there were still some issues with orders that were sent out after the "fix" date. Because we were trying to "pull back" orders for the duties/taxes to get billed to Plexus, this became a manual process (on the part of both UPS and Plexus). Some orders were missed in this process, and we have taken the steps to reship (when needed). We are believing that the UPS shipment issue is close to being resolved, and Plexus will put out more information this week, as an update. In the interim, if a customer is contacted by UPS about who they want as the Customs Broker, please simply indicate "UPS" (we are working to eliminate this step).  By designating UPS, the charges will be billed to Plexus. Additionally, there was contradictory information sent regarding how the duties/taxes for these orders (roughly Jun 18th - present) would be reimbursed to those who paid these expenses. For each person that has sent the appropriate information for reimbursement, we will be issuing a Canadian check draft and sending via overnight courier to the address of record this week. We expect that these checks should be sent no later than Friday, July 11th (depending a bit on the time it takes for our US bank to issue Canadian drafts). For anyone that was told that they would receive a credit on file - this is NOT correct. You WILL be receiving a check. Again, our apologies for the miscommunication on this important topic. 

3. Restructuring Canadian support. We fully recognize we have had several missteps in Canada, and want to properly plan for the future. This has caused us to re-examine how we are supporting our international business, and we are moving toward restructuring how this is internally done. As a result, we are doing the following:
a. Plexus has designated Keith Jackson, Chief Operating Officer for Plexus Worldwide, as the senior executive responsible for overseeing the systems and processes to support the international business. We will be bringing a specific focus on the improvements that Plexus needs to make to dramatically improve support to our international customers, as well as ensuring commitments are met. He brings a seven year history of living in Canada, as well as operating a business with simultaneous operations in the United States and Canada.

b. There will be a monthly email sent out on the status of our filings in Canada, as well as other topics of interest. This will be sent out on or about the 7th of each month.

c. We will be setting up a dedicated international line in the near future. This should significantly reduce the cost to our non-USA customers for phone expenses in contacting customer service. We will continue to as a dedicated email address for supporting Canadian orders and inquiries.

d. Plexus will be hosting a conference call with and for our Canadian Ambassadors, sometime in August.

e. As we get closer to the time of releasing product for resale in Canada, Plexus will be conducting meetings in Canada to support that launch. Additionally, there will be some meetings in Canada prior to that time, to better enable growth and knowledge of Plexus (dates to be announced).

f. We will be continually re-examining our methods of shipping to Canada, to find the best ways to support the customers and the company.

We want to re-emphasize our commitment to growth in Canada, and our commitment to continuous improvement. We so appreciate your patience, your trust, and your belief in our products and in the company. We know there are challenges and concerns. But we WILL find solutions, grow together, communicate more, and look forward to a healthy and vibrant Plexus Canada!
Sent with thanks,
Plexus Worldwide
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Make up your mind already! Who is going to deliver?

From:  Plexus Worldwide 
Sent: July-18-14 3:03:41 PM

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Hello Canada!

Thanks again for your patience with the recent shipping issues that have been encountered. We want you to know that we have listened carefully to the concerns, and re-evaluated our decision to move from FEDEX to UPS. As a result of your feedback and meetings with various carriers, we will be moving back to FEDEX effective Monday, July 21st. This will not require customers to establish a customs broker, and should eliminate the problems that we have been having. Again, our apologies and THANK YOU for your feedback and recommendations!


Plexus Worldwide
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go here to see more and learn more about Plexus operating in Canada 

Was Plexus Slim kicked out of Canada? Heck Yes!

Canadians that either helped the company "cover up" their activity in Canada, or ones that never cancelled their account.

Bonnie E. - currently recruiting; joined early 2012 
"I would love anyone on my team.... " April 2012

Tracy S.

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