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Edge does it work?

Edge -  Plexus Egde Energy Supplement

Another new product, to replace an old one!

Typical business operations for this company.

Still sold on ebay. Buyer Beware

Who remembers the product 'Plexus Slim Accelerator'?

Who can recall what countries banned this product from crossing their border into their country?

Probably just the Plexus Ambassadors that are at the top of this MLM food chain. Not many new recruits will know about all of the health complaints that customers and plexus ambassadors were making and reporting about products that Plexus Worldwide preached as safe, effective and natural.  There are a few complaints about Plexus products in the product review page.

Why did Plexus Holdings aka Plexus Worldwide need a product replacement for the Plexus Slim Accelerator?

Plexus Accelerator contained DMAA, which is an illegal ingredient found in this and many dietary supplement, mislabelled as a 'natural stimulant'

Edge is marketed as an energy supplement. 

Does Edge contain illegal ingredients? 

Does Edge have DMAA in it?

The company claims 'clinically-tested ingredients'!

Wonder if that clinical test is the same bogus test as the one they used for their pink drink product?

Edge contains the following ingredients in what Plexis calls the 'exclusive formula'.

Robusta Coffee Bean -

Child Labor  . Everyone deserves to work . 

This type of coffee bean, robusta, contains nearly double the amount of caffeine as compared to other commonly used coffee beans, such as the Arabica bean.

Robusta beans contain a high pyrazine content. That means this product contains a diuretic that will help you urinate, which in turn, will help you lose weight (if you are lucky).

Theacrine -

Theacrine is naturally occurring chemical. It acts just like coffee by stimulating your central nervous system.


L-Theanine is found in tea. It acts as a neutralizer to the effects that caffeine can have. It helps diminish those jittery feelings but leaves your body feeling stimulated. In some, if taken at the right dosage and on it's own, it can relax help relax the racing mind that comes with over consumption of caffeine.

Why combine a L-Theanine with Theacrine?

Seems like Edge contains concoctions of products that could make someone jittery as hell without the inclusion of the potential calming, soothing tea ingredient L-Theanine.

At least Plexus Worldwide agrees with me this time!

The product overview of Plexus Edge claims to contain the

"energy-boosting Theacrine, jitter-busting L-Theanine, and natural caffeine."

Instead of taking this supplement, just drink coffee or tea.

Plexus states on their official website:

"Q: Is Plexus EDGE safe to take long-term?

A: EDGE is safe for long-term use."

I invite Tarl Robinson to share with us the origin of the information that is being used for health claims and the nature of the report that says that Plexus product Edge is safe for long term use.


  1. The only reason they came up with this product was because people figured out that Accelerator was worthless and dangerous. Just like every other MLM, they roll out a new product and the lunatics jump all over it. This stuff is worthless and crammed with stimulants that won't have any effect on healthy weight loss.

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