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Have you seen this product for sale at WalMart? 

Did you wonder what Plexus had to do with this and why their name is on the label?

It turns out that this product is owned by a company called Universal Nutrients, LLC

What does that mean?


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  2. WOW! What DOES that mean? Amazing when you go to omni health, it goes to Plexus Worldwide. You go ambassadors! How does it feel to be sold out? And they want YOU to be successful? Keep drinking that pink koolaid!

  3. Will they be including lead in this product as well?

  4. I'll bet they do supplements "as they should be done!"

  5. Oh, and did you notice they are "trustworthy"?

  6. It says COMPARED TO Plexus! Not made by plexus!

    All off brands trying to sell a cheap low quality knock off have the original brand name listed on the box!

    This product is nothing like the real plexus slim. This has sucralose(Splenda), chlorine, caffeine, and artificial dyes and does not contain beet root as plexus does.

    plexus is all natural wellness product this is a disgusting imitation!

  7. Melissa

    Doesn't matter, in my opinion, both products are "garbage".

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