Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Alfred Pettersen V. Tarl Robinson

hahaha.. I love it!

Makes you wonder what really went on and when those that worship Plexus will see the light!

Plexus Worldwide is listed here as having 5 different companies. Money Laundering do you suspect?

Alfred Pettersen went on his so called "I got married and want to spend time with my new wife" Who was a Plexus employee. He hasn't been back to the company since. Alfred and Anna have recently filed for divorce. Makes you wonder if he married her to stay in the country?

We know that Alfred has teamed up with Dennis Harris. Did that not work out?

Tarl Robinson, well Shirley's son must benefit from her late husbands fortune,

The above photo clip is found here.

I guess this explains Alfred's absence from the Pima ground breaking ceremony. Even Tarl's mama, Shirley Pontious, showed up!

Sheila, Patti, Shirley, Deborah, Tarl  NO Alfred anywhere that day!
Update to the court document found at the top of this page.

On 8/19/2015 a Notice Of Intent To Dismiss was filed in the Maricopa Court system.

Click to view that civil court case

It seems as though the 120 day rule has applied here. For some absurb reason Alfred Pettersen and/or his legal team did not follow through with serving the documents to Tarl Robinson and Plexus Holdings (Plexus Worldwide).

I highly doubt this was an oversight. Initiating this legal procedure in court could have been a 'warning' to Tarl from Alfred, Alfred is great at giving 'warnings'; or this could have been something that was initiated and settled out of court.

Will we know what happened after the pink drink spilt?

What we do know is that Alfred and Plexus have parted ways, just like Alfred and his lovely wife, Anna. Contact Anna's lawyer to see if he will give you the details of their divorce settlement. Wonder if Alfred is moving back here to Canada?


  1. One crook takes another crook to court. "What is this world coming too"? Seriously, with these internal lawsuits flying around, the end may be coming soon for PS

  2. Maybe Tarl's baby mama is taking some control!


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