Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Plexus Canada Limited Partnership

Plexus Worldwide plans to operate in Canada under the name:

""Plexus Canada Limited Partnership""

The address is the lawyers office.

Click here for more Canadian info

This is Heather Hill, of TruVision Health. She was with Plexus, #1 in Canada, a few years ago.

Shown here are Deena Stanzel , now with TruVision Health (her husband still has a Plexus account) Alfred Pettersen past Plexus president (he is currently suing Plexus) and Heather Hill.. She Sheila in the back.. what a look.

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