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Clinical Study SCAM

Clinical Study Scam

Plexus publishes a "Clinical Study" with the dates June - October 2008 

They state:
 ""the primary purpose of this study was to see how well the product reduced glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics."" 


""The weight loss was a secondary consideration.""

Below is the study that is used countless times by those that market the Plexus products

You could purchase this study as a tool to use to sell products;

Why am I calling this a Scam?

#1. This is listed on their site to sell a Weight Loss product, even though this "study" appears to be one for Glucose.

#2. The actual product of this study is not stated. One can assume it is for their product, Slim, by the way it is laid out on their website. However, the study is for another product.

#3. Plexus does not have this product available to market until mid 2009

#4. Plexus claims that trials are currently under way, in July 2009

Therefore, this study, cannot possibly be about the product, Slim.

Are you buying that they originally created this product for diabetics, but when they found out the results of this study that they went back to the lab and reformulated this product? 

I'm not! 

Here is the same study: 

Where did this come from? 

This is the same "study" used to promote Nature4U's product LiquaVie ~ The Original Plexus product ~ View it here

June 2008 the papers were filed for Trademark.

Taken directly from Directsellingnews, dated April 2014

""Pettersen and Robinson think Plexus might not be around if their next product hadn’t walked through the door—literally. A couple of formulators came into the Plexus headquarters with a weight-loss drink. Robinson was intrigued. “In my opinion, weight-loss products are king if you can find a product that works,” he says. But the product they brought—what is now Plexus Slim—came in a 12-ounce bottle. Robinson saw several big drawbacks. Storage and shipping issues with a liquid made him hesitate. He suggested that the formulators put it into a powdered form, which they did.""

""That was June 2009. By July, Plexus had sample packets, which they gave to their top Ambassadors. It quickly became known as “the pink drink” because of its unique color.

“By the middle of August, we were getting amazing feedback on what this product was doing. We had told our Ambassadors not to change their diet or exercise routines. We needed to see how this product was going to work for them on its own merit. We were getting fabulous results,” Pettersen says.

They launched Plexus Slim in 2009 and immediately saw sales jump. Plexus’ executives knew they had a winner.""

Wonder why this was not published anywhere?

Wording taken from Nature 4 U:

""In clinical tests on rats it was found that after giving them these extracts, they stopped eating excessively. Subsequently, in human trials, two different groups were given identical diets and placed in isolation where there was nothing to do but sit, eat, read or watch TV.

One group was given the extracts used in LiquaVie while the other was given a placebo. It was found that the extract group actually consumed on average 1,000 calories a day less than the group taking the placebo. In effect, clinical trials have discovered that these extracts given to OBESE people actually reduced calorific intake by 40%-50%.""

Summary of Most Recent Clinical Test

A clinical study was conducted in 2008 from June through October. The study was conducted with 8 type 2 diabetes patients of mixed gender and age. All patients carried excess weight to varying degrees."""

C'mon people! Dump that Pink Drink!

""The major ingredient appears to be a non digestible starch that may make you feel full so that you eat less (though there are no studies that show any efficacy in humans)."" Dr. Alan Feldman

""it has never been scientifically shown to help lose weight or treat any know human medical problem. The only thing that will lost weight is your wallet."" Dr. David Sneid

""Keep in mind that there is no significant evidence that anything in plexus slim will help you lose weight."" Dr. Brad Eilerman

Source: HealthTap


  1. Great work Carrie! Eventually scams and scandals do get exposed! Thanks for doing your part! :)

  2. I'm confused. I am not a pink drinker, my scam radar is on high alert from all the posts. however, the table from the supposed trial does show weight loss and decreases in blood glucose. It also says the trial is for the liqua vie which was renamed and sold as slim? Therefore, the data is for Slim and does show efficacy at least for those 8 people (if they really were doing nothing else to effect change). I'm a scientist, so i am trying to see what is really here. Again, I am not a proponent of the stuff, but want to make sure criticisms are valid.

  3. Joyful, look at the proclaimed study abstract, they claim they moved all participants to a Mediterranean diet. This blows the study to pieces. Mediterranean diets are typically low-carb, low-calorie. Also, you know, you can't find the actual study anywhere.

  4. "A couple of formulators came into the Plexus headquarters with a weight-loss drin"

    I know of Dave Brown, who was the other formulator?

  5. So is liquavie plexus and tru vision the same product? Dave and Boyd are the developers

  6. The other developer is Boyd Wathens

  7. If anyone knows where to get a hold of the original plexus slim that Dave and Boyd formulated please let me know.
    Bev Schmidtke

  8. I love the original plexus slim, is theLiquiVie the same ? Is it still around? What is Nature 4U’s ? Is it the same as the original plexus slim? I don’t like the plexus slim’s they have now.


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