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Refunds plus Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Plexus Worldwide Inc.

2013 Net Sales: $160 million

Were you lured into the company thinking you could buy your products at a wholesale rate simply by paying a $34.95 web site fee? Did you think that the company behind the pink drink scam would actually stop charging your account or that they would provide you a refund as they claim. You weren't the only one caught up in the pink drink scam.

Just how victims did they charge a $34.95 fee to?
How many victims of unauthorized credit card charges make up the company "profit"
Many people do not want to speak up in public and share their story. Some are fearful that they will be the target of the pink drink scam company hit people, that they will be threatened in all sorts of ways and even afraid of getting hate mail from any of the "Plexus police", that includes corporate and current Plexus ambassadors. I can't say that I blame them, as I know first hand the dirty rotten games they play, the threatening ways in which they operate, and the unscrupulous tactics they use.

Aside from the other real testimonies and results shared in the pages of this blog about the pink drink scam the products that don't work, and so on, the company has been accused of charging the credit cards and bank accounts for fees. Unauthorized credit card charges. Unauthorized sale of products.

Here are a few excerpts for the BBB:

Complaint: Plexus made an unauthorized charge to my credit card of $34.95 on 12-28-14. I contacted them, asked for an immediate refund and they stated I had to complete a cancellation form and return to them. I cannot remember my ID number as I never used it but they can easily look it up in their system. I completed their cancellation form as they requested and returned it by email on 1-5-15. They failed to send an email to confirm receipt of the form. As of today, 1-9-15, I have not received any further communication from them regarding my refund. I want my credit card refunded. They are very slow to respond when they have your money.

I canceled with this business over a year ago. On 11/3 they charged my card $34.95. I contacted them same day and received cancellation email. I still have not received credit of $34.95. Further I was doing business with them as a business and they are asking for my SSN. I will not provide them with my SSN and want this credit immediately to my account.

After a reply, this person responds:

Consumer Response: Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ********, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Absolutely will not accept this response - it's a bunch of crap.  This account was CANCELLED last year.  Then they go and charge it again this year saying they "sent" me the form last year but I never sent it back which was not correct. I had sent it back AND they reversed the charge last year. Then on 11/3 I am charged again! I contacted them and as I couldn't prove that I indeed faxed the form AND they credited me over a year ago, I completed and sent in the cancel form again - now this is the 2nd time a year later. On 11/18 they finally decide to contact me? THEN tell me I need to give THEM more information?  Maybe THEY need to get their act together. I was kind the first time around but this company has not refunded my money and I'm done with them. They are NOT a reputable company and I want others to be aware of it. I will not community nor provide anymore personal information to this company.  My bank is taking care of the issue.


****** ******

I was an ambassador for this company they have taken money out of my account without my permission!!! I have told them this and they have replaced part of the funds once, but not the second time. It is hard to cancel your ambassador status! I've been trying for months now without success and they feel that gives them the right to pull money from my account. But no longer I am presussing fraud chatges with my bank!

We cancelled our membership A YEAR AGO. I just received an email that they just processed a new order for us, they have our credit card on file. When calling them, we waited over an hour on hold. Then they proceeded to tell us that they never received our cancellation last year, (funny we never received any more products). Then they called this morning and said they haven't received the fax my husband sent last week and going ahead with the order even after we have both been screaming CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL!!!


I cancelled the product three months ago due to the fact it makes me ill. I got a confirmation and faced the info they needed to cancel it. I returned the product and they said they would reimburse me when they received it back. The next two months they have taken more money and never reimbursed for the product. They will not return calls or emails any longer and now owe me $360.00 I am going to be forced to close out my bank account in order to stop them..I have had to also pay overdraft fees to cover when they take my money.

Desired Settlement: I want them to refund my money and stop debiting my account I want them to take me out of their system peminantly!

When I placed my order initially, I accidentally put the wrong shipping address by putting an 8 instead of a 7. I contacted their customer service department and it took 2 weeks for someone to get back to me. Luckily my post office knew better and I gave them a heads up. However, On November 15, 2014 I requested that Plexus cancel my autoshipment of two of their products. I contacted them through the email ** I was assigned a ticket and never heard from anyone. I logged in to check the status of my ticket and it has not been addressed and in their system, I'm scheduled for ANOTHER shipment on 11/28. I contacted them again on November 18 asking to CANCEL AND REFUND as they promise on their website and I was assigned ANOTHER ticket and NO ONE has contacted me or addressed the ticket. I've submitted a THIRD request and I'm still showing as of today an autoship scheduled for 11/28 and NO ONE has addressed ANY of my tickets asking to cancel and refund. This place is a scam. Not to mention their products are terrible and do not live up to the hype whatsoever. They are ripping people off and then not following through on their money back guarantee.

Desired Settlement: I want a refund and if I am charged for another shipment after all of my requests to cancel, I will hire an attorney.

I contacted the company and told them I wanted to cancel my ambassador and I was told to email a cancelation. But my computer did not work. So I faxed them the cancellation notice. I was told the money would be returned to my acct as soon as they had my notice. Also I e mailed them before they took the money out of my acct that I was canceling the authorization to take my from acct. I just want my 34.95 put back. I also have the paper from the fax company showing that it was sent and date.

Desired Settlement: Refund of 34.95 back to my acct

I joined Plexus Slim in November 2013. At the beginning of November 2014, I received an email notice that my auto renewal would be processing soon, and I needed to cancel if I didn't want to be charged. I never signed up for an auto renewal; the information must have been "hidden" in the fine print. I asked the person that sent the renewal notice to tell me how to cancel, and she advised me to contact customer service, so on Nov. 10, 2014, I sent an email to customer service asking for information on how to cancel. I never received a response. On Nov. 19, I called customer service and was told that I needed to fill out a form and sign it and send it back (id 8701). She also told me that the cancellation may not process by my renewal date (Nov. 21) and I still might be charged. I filled out the form, signed it and sent it back via fax that evening, with the note that I expected not to be charged for the membership renewal, since it was customer service that failed to respond to my email request (I know they received it because the CS representative I spoke with responded to it while I was on the phone with her - 9 days after I sent it). This morning, I received an email notice saying they had renewed my membership, and I would be charged $34.95 for the renewal. I have called the CS line 8 times this morning to discuss it and keep getting put "on hold" where there is no hold music and no one pics up, or I get an error message and the phone hangs up on me. This has made it impossible for me to rectify the company's mistake.

Desired Settlement: I want a refund in the amount of $34.95 for the auto renewal I never knew I signed up for and have tried multiple times to cancel. I also want my membership canceled so I don't have this issue in the future.

I joined Plexus as an ambassador in 2011. They company since then changed the formula of their product and I felt the product is no longer effective and I would not stand behind a product I don't believe in and charge money for it. I sent an email to them on Nov 4, 2014 and issued my intent to resign my ambassadorship. I was emailed a form to fill out to either fax, email or send through the **** back to them. My husband faxed the form on Nov 5, 2014, I did not hear from them. On Nov 10, 2014, I emailed the form to them and I still didn't hear from them. I also asked in an email if I needed to send the form through the mail, too, and still no response other than an automated response telling me they received my email, give me a ticket number and that a representative would get back to me as soon as possible. As of today, Nov 14, 2014, I still have not received a PERSONAL response and my website is still active.

I ordered plexus slim since I heard many good things about it, since I am not happy with their product I tried to go on their website and find out how i can return the product I had purchased since they have a 60 day money back guarantee. When I hit the link for it on their website it does not give any information on how to send it back or anything, there is nothing under the contact information in order for me to get in contact with corporate.

Desired Settlement: I would like to send my unused product back in exchange for a refund.

Auto-shipment was said to have been turned off and then they charged me for the 2nd month in a row for products that were not authorized by myself. I even sent an email wanting to change the date to see whether or not the account was still active earlier this week. Their email stated that the account had been deactivated, but then my bank account was charged and I received an email stating that the auto-shipment would go out today.

Desired Settlement: I want an explanation of why my account was reactivated without my authorization. I feel as though this makes them a very dishonest company. I am very disappointed.

I paid to go to the Plexus annual convention but circumstances changed. I requested a refund in March. I told the customer service department that the bank account (debit card) used to book the reservation was closed and to please issue a check. They said that they still had to send the refund to the bank and when it was rejected they would cut me a check. That never happened. Apparently they did try to send the money to the bank. I called and emailed many times and finally came to realize that they never got the information from the bank regarding the account closure. Plexus, the bank, and myself did a 3-way call at which time Plexus told me to send proof that the account was closed. I did. They admitted that they received the documentation. Now, Plexus is saying that the bank needs to cut me a check. 2 problems with this, 1st the account was a business account. The business has been dissolved so any such check from the bank would be non-negotiable and 2nd the refund agreement was with Plexus which is in my personal name and not the bank.

Desired Settlement: I would like my refund check of $159.98 issued to me ... ******** ******

I contacted this company to cancel my auto ship. They had already shipped me January. I was advised when I receive January to return it and December and a refund would be processed 3-5 business days following my return receipt. They are now refusing to refund me $200 (two months of product) because they claim now I need to provide a tracking number to process the refund. I cannot find the receipt from the **** that has the tracking numer on it. I asked them why I was not informeda the time of my call to cancel that I HAD to provide that number in order to receive a refund - I would have provided it the minute I received it at the post office.

Desired Settlement: This company is like all the others - take peoples money and run - they will be gone ina year just like *****, ** ****** *****, etc. It is criminal for these companies to prey on people who are truly wanting to get healthy and improve their quality of life. SHAME ON YOU PLEXUS your stories are a sham!

Please visit the Better Bureau website to read more complaints and file one of your own if need be.

One woman says:

Just checked my bank statement and guess what? Plexus Worldwide had charged me two yearly sign up fees in March and I have not been with them since April 2014. Well, I called them and you WILL NOT believe this. THEY have charged me 43 times in the last year for LOTS of products, sign up fees, and much more. THIS IS FRAUD!!!!! She put me off and said a supervisor would be calling me. I knew this company was bad but I had NO IDEA how dishonest they are! I WILL be getting a lawyer and...... This is JUST on one debit card. My xxxxbank debit card probably has so many on it too..... Three hrs. down and no contact from her supervisor from Plexus. Not surprised!
(....wording removed)

I manage* a group on facebook and I was really sick of reading about people that were stuck with products. I sent a letter to Plexus head office to see what sort of reply  I would get. I wasn't too surprised at their response that was full of bs, yet again.
*I guess Plexus was threatened by me, and only me, as they have recently claimed trademark rights and have had facebook shut down my group, yet anyone else can carry on using that trademark.. hmm..

My letter;

carrie sterma (Client) Posted On: 29 June 2014 07:55 AM

There are many Canadians that have purchased your products under the impression that they were involved in business in which they could resell them.Your unethical business practices and your products that do not work has led many to be in a situation where they have your products and want to get rid of them.They do not want product. They do not want replacement product.They want you to refund them and pay for the shipping back to you.I'm interested in helping these people be rid of the financial strain you have put on them.I would assume that your company that has such a huge mark up on these products that has given you tremendous profits, I think that you are able to afford a small risk. After all you are sneaky business people and do keep credit card info on file. I would guess you could just use that to charge them if they do not return products within stated amount of time. I suggest you send out a letter and offer to take returns from Canadians, that you will pay them for what was paid, as you have that info, and you will toss in the funds for shipping.As stated, you have people's info and you are able to check to see if what they are returning to you is what they bought.
This will also make you look good.Carrie Sterma

Their reply:

Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 10:47:20 -0700

Thank you for contacting Plexus Worldwide. We are happy to assist you.

Upon sign-up, it is made very clear that some international countries (Canada included) are NFR compliant (Not For Re-Sale). These international Ambassadors will not be able to market or make profits from the product until there is a distribution center located within the country.

We make this very clear upon registration that if your country complies with the NFR program, you will not be able to sale the product. It is the Ambassador's responsibility to do the research and find out whether or not their country complies with an NFR program. At this point, international Ambassadors under NFR guidelines may purchase the product for personal usage only, at a whole-sale price. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you; however, we are unable to process a refund for the Ambassadors mentioned - Per the Ambassador Return Policy: If an Ambassador wishes to return product for a refund, the product must be in transit to Plexus Worldwide within 5 days of delivery, and the product must be in re-saleable condition.

If you would like to cancel your Ambassador account with us, please complete the attached Plexus Cancellation Form and send it back via fax or email. 

If you have any further questions please contact us at 480.998.3490 or


Ambassador Relations Center

What's all the bs about? 

Let's start with the obvious


 ""Upon sign-up, it is made very clear that some international countries (Canada included) are NFR compliant (Not For Re-Sale)."

For those of you that missed all the commotion and uproar back in 2013, what you may not know is that Plexus did NOT make clear that people in Canada were unable to resell their products. Not only could they not resell these products, they could not market or promote the business. If you joined Plexus as an Ambassador prior to February 2014, you would never have known that. I never! My upline, who achieved Emerald status never, nobody in Canada knew that.
You can go here to read more about Canada's story

Moving right along, BS #2

 "These international Ambassadors will not be able to market or make profits from the product until there is a distribution center located within the country."

Excuse me because I'm confused?  Here's a great reason why: Dated 2012

Pictured below: Canadian Ambassador Deena Stanzel, Gina Foret (usa upline). Canadian Plexus Slim Ambassador Heather Hill

BS point #3

 "It is the Ambassador's responsibility to do the research and find out whether or not their country complies with an NFR program. "

Didn't they just say, and I have to repeat myself here: ""Upon sign-up, it is made very clear that some international countries (Canada included) are NFR compliant (Not For Re-Sale)."

If this is the case then why do I have to do the research? Didn't you make it clear for us? Am I the only one that is confused here?

BS point #4

"international Ambassadors under NFR guidelines may purchase the product for personal usage only, at a whole-sale price. ""

Why become an Ambassador if you want to use products for personal use? You can't make any money sharing the products and business opportunity, you have to pay $34.95 for a store front business that you can't deduct at tax time, you have to do research before you sign up, and you are screwed by their refund policy, as they outlined:

""Per the Ambassador Return Policy: If an Ambassador wishes to return product for a refund, the product must be in transit to Plexus Worldwide within 5 days of delivery, and the product must be in re-saleable condition.""

Taken from their website:

""Ambassadors may return product for a full refund upon notifying Plexus Customer Service within 5 days of receipt of their product purchase and upon receiving authorization. Product must be returned in resalable condition. A refund for the purchase price will only be made after the product has been returned and verified to be in satisfactory condition.""

Ambassadors: You have 5 days to try a product and see if you like it, that's it!

However, as a customer who orders direct:

"If you are unsatisfied with a product purchased from Plexus, you have up to 60 days from receipt of the product to contact Customer Service for a return authorization. You will need to return any unused product along with its original packaging to Plexus prior to a refund being issued for your product purchase, less shipping & handling. If you have purchased directly from a Plexus Ambassador, please contact that individual for a direct refund. You will need to return any unused product along with its original packaging to the Plexus Ambassador whom you purchased the product from.""

Or even as a "preferred" customer that orders on a monthly basis to get a discount:

"If you are unsatisfied with a product purchased from Plexus, you have between 15 — 60 days from receipt of the product to contact Customer Service for a return authorization. You will need to return any unused product along with its original packaging to Plexus prior to a refund being issued for your product purchase, less shipping & handling. You may request a refund or cancel your auto-order 15 days after receiving your initial order."

I see that they have gone a step further recently and added a section for "Ambassador Customers"

"If a customer is unsatisfied with a product purchased directly from an Ambassador, they have up to 60 days to return to that Ambassador their unused product and its original packaging, their full name, phone number and email. Once this is done, the Ambassador issues the customer a refund for the purchase price. The Ambassador then contacts Plexus Customer Service for authorization and sends the collected items to Plexus. After contacting the customer to verify that you have issued their refund, Plexus will issue replacement product for the return items submitted.""

I see no benefit to being an Ambassador in a country that is NFR. One really isn't getting these products at a "whole-sale" price. It's safer, smarter and works out the same to go the "preferred customer" route.

This former Canadian Ambassador thinks differently.

""Heather Hill Shared publicly  -  Oct 16, 2013 
I want to take minute to explain why being a WHOLESALE MEMBER (Ambassador) for $34.95 makes so much sense ... NOT ONLY are you entitled to purchase the products for the very best price possible, BUT you always have total control over your account so that if you need to postpone your AutoShip or even cancel it, YOU simply log in to your back office and you are NEVER at the mercy of remembering to make a call or having to do it Mon-Fri during business hours. AND you are positioned perfectly so that when you are asked about the changes people are seeing in you that you can have them go to your website to order from YOU So, even if you joined to get the wholesale discount and you "accidentally" sell to 3 people you have made enough money to pay for YOUR Slim/Accelerator products! Plexus does NOT have ANY minimums or quotas to be a wholesale member to save money.

For those of you that are already buying the products it is just an investment. ESPECIALLY if you have people in your life that need to get healthy or lose weight. There are so many people including ME that made this decision to save money, have found a passion and have become successful! So please message me so we can discuss this!""

Good Luck getting your refund and Good Luck selling all those products you are stuck with!

Still having a hard time getting a refund? Quote this video and see if it gets you anywhere.

According to Alec Clark

"Anyone can try them if your not satisfied sent it back and we will refund their money in whole"

Refund complaints taken from the Better Business Bureau site to share with you:

After hearing numerous testamonials and being reassured of a no-risk money back guarantee process, I signed up to try Plexus Slim. I was told that the best discounts and a new product were only available if I signed up as ambassador but that did not impact money back guarantee and I did not have to sell anything. After using product a couple weeks with no results, I was advised to add a new product. Ordered that. Still no results so I contacted Plexus Slim to cancel agreement and return products for the refund. I was told no. That ambassadors did not get same return process. Only 5 days. Totally different than how this was presented. I discussed with company that I feel I was mislead and it should be obvious by my history that i was not acting as an ambassador, had never even tried the product and relied in good faith on their overwhelming advertising and word of their agent regarding risk free refund process.

I bought in as an ********** to Plexus based upon a sales presentation that I could receive wholesale prices of the product if I bought in this way. Then if I really loved it, I could also sell the product. I was told by another ********** that there is no risk as there is a 60 day money back guarantee. However, they failed to tell me that in the agreement I was asked to sign that there is no refund for **********s unless they return unopened product within 5 days. I got the ********** package that came with a 90 day supply of the Plexus Slim and Accelerator. I sold half of it to my friend for her to try and I took the other half. We both had absolutely no results. I contact the person directly above me and they told me to contact customer service. I put in an email request twice explaining the problem and both times got a pre-generated rejection email for the refund. I am not asking for the refund of my ********** fees, just the product. I called customer service and they told me there is nothing I can do, unless it had only been 5 days and the product was unopened. I was told there were no supervisors or managers there at headquarters that could help me. I even asked for the owner and was told by the representative that she did not know who it was. I asked how I was suppose to supply my client with a refund and I was told I could give her the money back and then submit a claim to replenish the supply. I told the lady I did not need more worthless supply. I asked her if I sold to 50 clients and each one had no results and requested their money back, I would be stuck giving all the money back and 50 sets of replenished, worthless supply. I told her that this is not a good business concept. I could go into deep debt if I kept trying to promote the product.

Desired Settlement: I All I want is the refund of my $200 that was the price for the 90 day supply. I am not asking for my full $272 back that included the ********** fees and shipping. This is a crazy business format and I cannot legitimately sell a product that doesn't work for me and that will continue to put me in debt if it doesn't work for my clients. I will be happy to return all unused product that I still have at this time.

Who can blame anyone for joining in order to buy a welcome pack to save money, especially after you are lured in by ads like this that do NOT tell the real truth...

 When completing the process of becoming an Ambassador one agrees to all Policies and Procedures.

Shit really, I just wanted cheap rates\

More from the BBB site:

I have ordered Plexus to loose weight and prior to this order, never tried Plexus. So I've been told by another Ambassador that I should sign up as Ambassador to get better deals on the product and that product has a money back guarantee for 60 days, which says on the packaging. So I have ordered the packet and because of the address change, haven't received the packet for 3 weeks, after finally receiving the kit, I didn't have the ability to try it right away. But when I did, it lowered my sugar level so low that I couldn't sustain my daily activities, I took only for 3 days to know it was doing that harm to me. So I have called customer service representative named ***** ****** and he explained to me that because I have signed up as an Ambassador, I can't get my money back... But I have explained to him my story and that I didn't know that it's only 5 days return policy for Ambassador and it has to be unopened. He then said, that go ahead and send us the package back and that he will cancel my membership for auto-shipment as well. So as soon as I have received a cancellation form from him in the email, I signed and mailed it back with the products, and emailed a tracking # how I was advised by ***** for a speedy refund. But next day, when I called customer service, to find out what is the status for my refund of $247.00 I have been told that I will not get a refund and that I had to know better. That's just didn't make any sense to me, so I tried to explain this to the female representative - but she didn't want to listen to me!!! I asked her, why then ***** told me send the product back? - and she didn't know the answer to that question. But told me I had to wait 3-5 business days and maybe the receiving department would still issue the refund. So I waited, and all they sent to me through the email, is that the will not issue a refund! AT THE END I'M LEFT WITHOUT MONEY AND PRODUCT!!! PLEXUS STOLE FROM ME!!! Please help me to know on what business practices Plexus Worldwide operate? on stealing form people like me? If they put on the packaging "60 Day Money Back Guarantee", they should not put in very small letters on the Ambassador Agreement that it's only 5 days and unopened. How can I try the product without opening?!? Plexus should honor "60 Day Money Back Guarantee" to anyone who tries their product for the first time - no questions asked!!! That would be fair! They should not except new Ambassadors if they haven't tried the product first (that would be fair agreement for people like me) I wasn't aware of this scam and I believe this must be changed, so that ALL parties are happy at the End! I really need your help in resolving this matter, because Plexus doesn't do to be in the list of BETTER BUSINESSES, unless they issue me a refund and change their policy, so there would be no more confused people like me! NOW I know I'm not the only one that misunderstood their return/refund policy because it has been misrepresented!

Desired Settlement: I would like to get the refund in the amount of $247.00 in the form of a check and change in the company policy!

Auto shipped products, package says 60 days money back guarantee. My doctor wanted me to stop he feels it was raising my blood pressure. I have 2 months supply have not even opened the mailing package. Called yesterday 9/3 /14 to see what I need to do so I can send back. I was told because I paid extra to become an ambassador I only had 5 days. I received over Labor day weekend. Was told the no on both orders. Also was charged an extra $34.95 and have no clue what the charge is for.

Desired Settlement: I want to be able to send the last two months worth of Plexus back and a refund for the extra charge. totally $ 317.81. as I said I have not even opened the container they were shipped in.

Company has a 60 day money back guarantee. Within first 30 days on 11/14/14 I requested refund and offered to send product back. They declined return of product and told me I would have my refund in 3-5 days. I called to check on my refund on 11/18/14 and was told request was never placed by customer service but they would do it that day. I called back because of the earlier error on 11/19/14 and was told request was place but they were behind and were working on 11/14/14 requests. I was never told this previously. I called on 11/20/14 to check status because I had been given the run around and was told my request was placed on 11/14/14 and I would get my refund when I get it. They said they process in order received and will get to it in the future. I asked for a status update and the rep said that is all he was going to tell me. I still have not received my request. I know it is early but with the run around that I have received and after investigating have found others to get I am filing a complaint against business practices.

I was a a ambassador and plexus required automated orders and charged my account. I received a package that I did not want. I did not open the package. Plexus said in many emails that it would issue a full refund when. I return the package to sender, which I did on 12/21. Due to the poor customer service and plexus not issuing my refund, I have terminated my relationship with plexus. Here is the information on the unopened returned order: ****** ****** Name: ****** ********* Billing Address: ***** ********** *** ******* ** ***** Shipping Address: ***** ********** *** ******* ** ***** ****** ********** Email: ************************* Site: ********************************* Order#: *******

I originally ordered the product on like 11/28/14 and then returned the product. After having second thoughts, I had PLEXUS reship the product and tried it. I bought the Plexus Slim and the Boost and it came with 2- 3 day trial packs of the Slim and Boost. I took all of this except 1 packet of Slim and about 1/2 the bottle of Boost. I did not see any results with the product and they have a 60 day Guarantee that they brag about. I sent an email to the company on 2/1/15 after taking the product for 35 - 36 days with NO results. They did not respond to my email. I sent a second email on 2/8/15 again requesting information on how to return the product and get my refund since I saw NO RESULTS. It is now 2/16/15 and I have yet to receive a response from this company. I am, therefore, filing a complaint with you, ***, to alert you to the potential fraudulent claims that are being presented by this company, mainly the promise of a 60 day Guarantee. Please investigate.

I have autoship on Plexus products and my computer was down and I couldn't get in to cancel it. I also had a lot of other things going on I started a new job and my hours I can only call plexus when I get off of work at 5:30 pm and they close at 6 pm but I had to call on my lunch break when I could. SO I called the day my order was to ship long distance call as they do not have a toll free number plus wait times I have waited for at least 25 minutes at a time. Anyway they told me that they are going to have to go ahead and ship the order I just have to refuse it and they will return my money after that. Since then I have called about 4 or so times to check on it each time I have been told something different as to why my money was out of my account on 12-03-14 and here it is 12-04-15 no return. I did not ask who I talked with each time as I figured they were recorded and when they talked with me they made noted on my account. This last time I called was on Friday I was off work that day and it was 10 am I asked to talk with a manager and I did not speak with one as the guy told me that he was authorized to take car of it. And they would process it today. My payment to plexus went through on the 3rd of Dec. I just check my call log. And I called Dec. 1st the order went through on the 3rd of Dec. and that tells me that they could have stopped it and did not. I returned the product the same day I received it took It to the post office and had them check it in and that when they received it and that it was not opened or damaged. per plexus return policy. I also called on Dec. 12, 16, 23, and was told that time Dec. 23rd it would be in my account on Dec. 30th and today is 1-4-15 the money was not deposited as of yet. Long distance wait time on hold for 25 min and longer for 5 phone calls about the same issue. I did all that I was supposed to do for a full refund and I feel I was treated unjust and unfair as an ambassador of Plexus.

Desired Settlement: I would like refund of $230.39 and negotiate with Plexus a fair compensation of the way I was treated. I did all that was asked of me and they were totally dishonest with me and lead me on the each time I called. I even sent an e-mail and they responded on the first of Dec. Ticket number ************* and Plexus has removed me and with the log in e-mail they sent me to check on the status of this blocked me.

I contacted Plexus Worldwide to request refund for product, as per written guarantee. I was informed that although there is a guarantee, I am required to provide empty packets and unopened packets contained in the main package. I was not provided that information and guarantee does not stipulate that is required for the refund. So, I continued taking the product with the hopes that I could obtain results of weight loss, as many who take the product have obtained. I was unable to lose weight. On May 21, I sent Plexus Worldwide a letter, addressing it to ******* ******, Customer Service Manager, as per BBB website. The letter was included with the package of Plexus Products- some unopened, as well as opened packages. I did not receive a reply from Plexus regarding the request, so I contacted Plexus via the only phone number that is provided ###-###-####. The girl I spoke with told me that ******* was no longer employed at Plexus. I explained the letter I sent in May, as well as the packages (opened and unopened) and a request for a refund. She told me she would check into that for me. Since May 21, I have not received a follow-up call from Plexus, the unopened product I sent with the refund request, or a refund. I attempted to contact Plexus numerous times today, December 1, 2014, yet I am switched over to a recorded message that tells me that I had exceeded the time limit.

Desired Settlement: I have not received a response from Plexus regarding my refund request and product return. I would like to be refunded for the unused portion of the product as well as the used product, as I have paid for both and Plexus backs their product with a guarantee. Additionally, I would like to request that Plexus Worldwide provide me with exemplary customer service, as I am but one of their many customers. I am requesting that, along with a refund, that I might receive a follow-up call by email and then by phone. Thanks, ***


  1. I just got charged a lot of fees from Plexus using my card without permission a year after I sent in via fax my resignation letter. Their response...let your bank deal with it. WELL, the bank only goes back three months. Really? Shady company to say the least!

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  2. I canceled a shipment of plexus slim. then realized that my access to my site was blocked received the shipment anyway I charged it back and the credit card gave me permanent credit , no questions, ladies and gentleman charge it back to your card my credit was $204.

  3. I just got a $450 charge on my card and have never heard of Plexus in my life until now. Horrible sorry excuse for a company, thankfully I have fraud alert on my card and the charges were declined.

  4. The BBB rating of Plexus Worldwide has fallen to a B-, the past 60 days the number of complaints has increased significantly.

  5. I had autoship turned off for the last 3 months. Never even signed up on their new website, and suddenly....a charge on my Amex and a shipment going to my old address. Tried to call "We are at high volume" so I sent in a ticket. 15 days later and still no response. Letting Amex deal with them now. Went to the new site and ODDLY my new page was up and autoship was on........ So went in and changed my Amex info to something they cannot use. Have to yet to receive the Plexus order, because of course it went to an address that I DON'T live at.

  6. I am amazed, what products would someone be purchasing to have their monthly costs be in excess of $200? It's no wonder they hold meetings in Hawaii. The top few are living off of the lower levels in the pyramid. How do these 'ambassadors' sleep at night?

    The complainant’s order ******** *ated 10/16/2015 has been refunded, $219.01.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 11/16/2015 has been refunded, $218.74

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 12/16/2015 has been refunded, $223.06.

  7. Today's comment, courtesy of the BBB.

    "Complaint: I have been trying to reach a representative at Plexus for over a month to cancel my preferred customer auto-ship. I'm not satisfied with the products, but can't get a response to cancel my auto-ship. I have resorted to emails and still no response except for a auto response saying I'm considered medium on their prioritie list!! At this moment, while writing this review, I am currently sitting on hold and have been for nearly an hour. I tried logging in online, but there is a development error message, so that was not an option either. I have received two orders where I was charged 110$ each since starting this cancelation process. Another order is likely to ship to me tomorrow, as I can't get anyone to respond to my cancellation request. I question the integrity of this company's business practices. I wish I would have checked this company out on the better business bureau website before starting their worthless products. 308 complaints in 12 months?!?!?"


  8. I guess her Plexus 'Journey' is over?

    Complaint: I have attempted for several months to cancel my account with this company both via phone and email. I have never been contacted about my emails and have remained on hold for 45 minutes at a time waiting to talk to a representative about my account. This is absolutely unacceptable. I want my account cancelled, payment information removed and to never hear from the company again once my issue is resolved.

  9. Complaint: This is my 2nd time complaining to the BBB about this company. Original complaint: "After using this product with no success for the last 7 months, I decided to cancel my recurring monthly order. I have been trying to cancel for over a month. Every time I try to contact by phone I receive an automated message saying to email since they are experiencing a high call volume. I have emailed 3 times since November 24 requesting to cancel. I have not received a response to any of those emails and was charged again for this month." The complaint was resolved with a the requested refund. Yesterday, I received an email with a receipt of my next monthly order, which I did not place nor authorize. My recurring order is clearly still in place and my card has been charged once again. I will not pay the bill as I have been requesting cancellation of this order since November 24th.

  10. Looks like another 'Journey', coming to an end.

    Complaint: I have requested my account to be cancelled on several different occasions starting on 10/27/2016. They still have not cancelled my account and are charging my credit card 202.12 per month for something I can no longer use for health reasons. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and they can not block them because of the coding they are using to run the charge through. Each time I send them and email to cancel the services I receive notification that they are working to resolve the matter and will get back with me. Three months latter and no resolution and continue to charge my card. I call the their phone system will not allow you to leave a message or speak with a representative because of high call volume. This is totally a fraudulent company with no support and I am looking forward to a class action suit being filed against them.

  11. Somehow I am still an Ambassador... I closed my bank account months prior to my one year mark. I don't know how they got the money or authorization for the renewal. I went online to fill out the cancellation request. They want the last four credit cards that I used. I feel that is really shaddy.

  12. This person had been trying to cancel since November, but Plexus still charged her almost $800 before stating they will refund her the money owed to her

    The complainant contacted our customer service department by email on 11/27/2015 to request that future monthly auto shipments be canceled and also to return their previous month’s shipment. October 2015 order will be refunded minus the original shipping charge of $4.05 per our preferred customer refund policy. Any order processed after 11/27/2016 will be refunded in full.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 10/27/2015 will be refunded, $136.20.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 12/27/2015 will be refunded, $140.25.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 1/27/2016 will be refunded, $140.25.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 2/27/2016 will be refunded, $140.25.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 3/27/2015 will be refunded, $109.01.

    The complainant’s order ******** dated 4/27/2015 will be refunded, $127.75.

  13. I have just been treated very poor from Plexus.
    I signed up with the understanding standing that the product would cost me $120 a month. $109 for the product and $12 for shipping. I even repeated the broke down cost to the lady selling and she said that's correct. To my surprise I was being charged $170 with the exchange rate. No one mentioned that! I received 6 separate orders in 2 1/2 months and was charged randomly on my credit card ontop of my regular monthly cost. Added to this frustration I cancelled in August and plexus tried to take a random payment of $274 in November but my credit card company was already aware and contacted me ASAP!! I have been fighting with Plexus since September 2016 to be paid back,I have returned the product and plexus reassured me that they received it. Plexus assured me that I would receive refund on September 29th. My credit card company still has not received it.
    To top this off my mother in law had a horrible reaction after starting to take the plexus products and was recommended by her family doctor to stop at once. She did just that and everything cleared up.when she asked for the " 60 day money back guarantee" that is written on every bag! Plexus said "you already opened it so we can't refund you" so my question how was she to know if she would react if she had not opened it?? Can anyone answer that lol
    Plexus is a fraud....a scam....a pyramid....and only want your money with no loyalty.
    I'm ashamed of being part of such a company. Never-ending the less how I was verbally attacked by one of their "yours truelly " if there was a way to post the messages of attack I would!
    Dated February 8th 2017

  14. Continued from above post...Tracey DenHoed
    I'm awaiting refund of $244.00

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