Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Court Documents

Court Documents 

"Defendant Robinson's goal was to get full control of the company"

Here for you to view.
Not sure where they came from or who screwed who.

""22. Defendant Robinson knew that his treatment of Plaintiff at the || company's yearly convention would embarrass, humiliate and demean Plaintiff, and, in order to assure that that occurred, Robinson told many PLEXUS personnel and ambassadors that he had to send Plaintiff home due to Plaintiff's misconduct with Brittany Gaines and also due to Plaintiff being drunk. Defendant Robinson's ||"story" was communicated by Robinson to all the PLEXUS staff and, in a matter of
hours, all the PLEXUS Ambassadors (distributors).
23. As a result of Defendant Robinson's conduct and statements at the
convention in Dallas, Plaintiff sent an e-mail to Defendant Robinson, on the following Monday, saying that Plaintiff was taking a six-month sabbatical from the company. About 10 days later, Defendant Robinson had a meeting with Plaintiff, and said to Plaintiff: "Here are the terms of your sabbatical." I was thinking, you arrogant SOB. It is MY sabbatical not yours.""

Have a nice read. Here is the link: 

Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud.

The IRS sates:

""You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions. Generally, you may deduct up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income, but 20 percent and 30 percent limitations apply in some cases.""

Where there is money, there is tax.  Most everyone knows that.  Work hard, pay the tax man, grumble.

They more you make, the more you pay, some say.

Taking some of your money, contributing to a charity and then being able to deduct that contribution sounds like a good thing.

Everyone loves a do-gooding philanthropist!

Nobody ever criticised a persons goodwill or desire to help others. Gifted money is never questioned or turned downed. Happiness all around! Mission accomplished.

Gift to charity. Sounds like the one solution to an average tax payers woes. Money Money Money. What happens if you aren't an average tax paying citizen, and this solution is not enough to meet your needs. You want and need to keep as much as you can, right?  Some don't really want to gift away hundreds of thousands of dollars, to be left with warm fuzzy feelings and a lower tax bracket. They don't. So, they get crafty and find loopholes. Charities have an enormous benefit to a tax situation, especially if the charity is your own and allows one to hide income within.

It's still tax fraud, right?

Lawsuit Links

Information regarding Plexus lawsuits:

Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson found here

Marriott Hotel found here
Marriott Hotel is seeking $1,000,000.  in damages for a contract breach by Plexus.

Environmental Research Centre - Lead in products - found here

Rex Powers found here

Elsenrath found here

TruVisoin Health found here and found here and found here

Angel Fletcher found here

Ryan Higgins found here

Patty Swan found here

Carrie Sterma found here

Your name: found here

Class Action Lawsuit found here

Breach of Contract - Who's the quilty one?

2015 -  Top Plexus Ambassadors flee, following products that don't work, many hidden legal issues, customers making claims that the products are harmful and after FDA investigation.
Dave Brown lies about ownership of TruVision Health, yet Plexus Ambassadors follow him and secretly join.
Secrets keeps you sick and always have a way of showing the truth, even years later.

When the pink drink scam was taking place, I contacted several ambassadors, one of which was Robin Elsenrath

Hi Robin, I'm curious, and it is not my business.. Why did you leave Plexus?


Robin Naquin Elsenrath

I am not sure how you know me or where your info came from but I have not left Plexus and am not planning to leave. I am happy where I am and my family and I have been blessed.   I hope your day Is great so far.  R

She registered the domain..

have a peek:

NOW.. Legal Battles show all the truth..

Health Fraud

Plexus Worldwide, the company known for a Pink Drink, has been accused of Health Fraud, violations of the FTC and the FDA,  just to name a few.

Truth in Advertising posted their independent investigation here.

I want to thank them for their hard work.

For the sceptics, naysayers and those that were just down right dirty over the years... well.. you know.

Complaints Against Plexus Worldwide

Recent Complaints Against Plexus Worldwide 

  1. False, misleading or deceptive advertising (Section 9, Food and Drugs Act)
  2. Complaint regarding the advertising of unauthorized products
  3. Prohibited advertising to the general public as treatment or cure for any Schedule A disease (Section 3, Food and Drugs Act) and False, misleading or deceptive advertising (Section 9, Food and Drugs Act)

Complaints source:

  1. Social Media
  2. In Person, Print, Website


Found by A Woman Scammed:

Randolph Road resident reported to Deputy Mark Allen someone tried to make an unauthorized purchase on her American Express card.
According to the report, American Express called the resident in regard to a purchase that was charged to her card, but was delivered to another address.
The resident stated the purchase was made with Plexus Worldwide but was declined by American Express due to different addresses for the mailing and billing addresses.
According to the report, the resident has since cancelled and shredded the card.


Plexus Mega X

Plexus Worldwide released another new product at their convention in Arizona. "Plexus Mega X"

This products main ingredient ""Ahiflower oil, has never been consumed by humans before""   that is until mid 2014 when Researchers at the University of Moncton got to perform some clicinal trials.

This new product, Plexus Mega X is going to be plastered all over social media in the next few weeks to come. The company will declare that their sales have sky-rocketed and try to deceive people into thinking they are the company to be with! NOT.

‪#‎oneplexus‬ showed their new product, Mega X. New products mean that companies are phasing out non-selling products and hope that the pink drink sheep will get back on board and bust open their wallets to try this. As we know, Alfred is suing Tarl, so I guess Plexus may be facing financial difficulties. Please don't go buy this sh*t ..

Human trials of this product took place in PEI Canada in mid 2014, so this product and the long term effects aren't known, good or bad. There are several reports and documents talking about this.

Breast Health

Breast Health by Plexus Worldwide

Healthy breasts and general overall health is not something that should be taken lightly.

I'm in a playful mood today and wanted to share the label of the 'Original' Breast Cream, that Plexus Pink sold to distributors.

As with all Plexus products, please be aware, Plexus Worldwide is constantly changing products, product ingredients, and product names.

At least we know they have, or at least had, their heart in it.

I think it would be safe to assume that Dr. Spencer and Plexus lost that loving feeling after their out of court settlement.

Clinical Studies

Plexus Clinical Studies‎

"Plexus is so confident in the power of their products that they guarantee you will notice a difference in your life. There is no risk. "

Plexus Worldwide has thousands of cult minded individuals that regurgitate information passed on to them from someone else.
This second hand information tends to be spewed down the pipeline from a person that has a high rank as an Ambassador of Plexus Worldwide.
Their source isn't always known or given, and typically, nobody will question a person with this sort of "celebrity status".

The Ambassadors of  Plexus Worldwide will not question or dispute information, as they are Afraid.

Pink Drink Fraud

Pink Drink Fraud

Definition of Fraud is: 

"wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain"

"a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities"

For purposes of this blog, we have decided to publicly identify the names of faces of those associated with operating any sort of Pink Drink fraud.

You have already been introduced to the owners, past and present, of Plexus. You've been told about the Dirty Diamonds. What you haven't been told about, are those snakes that lurk in the dark, some calling themselves your friend, some you may think of as these pink drink fraudsters as family, while others won't have a clue that snakes exist.

Let's help shine some light on these snakes.

Edge does it work?

Edge -  Plexus Egde Energy Supplement

Another new product, to replace an old one!

Typical business operations for this company.

Still sold on ebay. Buyer Beware

Who remembers the product 'Plexus Slim Accelerator'?

Who can recall what countries banned this product from crossing their border into their country?

Probably just the Plexus Ambassadors that are at the top of this MLM food chain. Not many new recruits will know about all of the health complaints that customers and plexus ambassadors were making and reporting about products that Plexus Worldwide preached as safe, effective and natural.  There are a few complaints about Plexus products in the product review page.

Why did Plexus Holdings aka Plexus Worldwide need a product replacement for the Plexus Slim Accelerator?

Plexus Accelerator contained DMAA, which is an illegal ingredient found in this and many dietary supplement, mislabelled as a 'natural stimulant'

Untold Secrets of MLM Uplines

Untold Secrets

MLM Uplines must maintain a friendly public persona at all times.

I wonder if she shared this in the "jewels training" that Plexus provides?

Did you fall for the 'products just sell themselves' line? That's ok, we all did!

Products don't just sell themselves, especially Plexus products.

Read more Untold Secrets here: 

Pink Drink

Pink Drink
What is it about a 'pink drink' that has women going crazy for it!

This blog was originally started to share info about a crooked company, Plexus Worldwide.

Many other pink drinks have popped up, Starbucks has a pink drink!

If you are on pinterest, twitter or youtube, or other social media platforms, you will see this pink drink everywhere!

Not only can you purchase a pink drink from 'Starbucks' but you can make one yourself!

A DIY pink drink!

Plexus Scam

Plexus Scam

Is this company another MLM Scam?

There have been many visitors asking the same question and looking here for an answer.

I have a question for those that visit this site.

Why is this blog frequently monitored by the following companies, if Plexus is not a scam?

  1. Plexus and their numerous 'plexus police' pimps
  2. Sonya Dudley, Helen McFadden, Sheila Medina and other top dollar money making #IamPlexus Plexus Ambassadors and their perspective lawyers.
  3. United States Government agencies - including and not limited to:
    1. US Department of Defence
    2. The FDA
    3. The FTC
    4. The IRS
    5. The Department of Homeland Security
    6. United States Senate
  4. Past and Present people involved with TruVision Health
  5. Government Agencies within Canada and Australia

As it states on the blog.. there is a tracker.. there are a few actually .. I like to see who you are. 

Thank you for visiting and please connect with me if you have questions.

Remember: Plexus Worldwide is still under investigation by many government agencies and Tarl Robinson will settle out of court should one decide to pursue that route.

Supplements Claiming to be Cures

Supplements Claiming to be Cures

Promises for a quick cure or solution for a serious health problem may be hard to resist — but supplements claiming to shrink tumors, cure insomnia, cure impotency, treat Alzheimer's disease, or prevent severe memory loss aren't proven. Besides cheating you out of your money, they also may hurt your health.

Under Federal law, dietary supplements can't be promoted for the treatment of a disease because they aren't proven to be safe and effective.

Treat weight loss products with suspicion, too. Claims that you can eat all you want and still lose weight effortlessly just aren't true. To lose weight — and keep it off — you have to eat fewer calories and increase your activity.

Other tip-offs to a fraud include:

Claims that one product does it all and cures a wide variety of health problems.
"Proven to treat rheumatism, arthritis, infections, prostate problems, ulcers, cancer, heart trouble, hardening of the arteries and more."

Suggestions the product can treat or cure diseases.
"Shrinks tumors," "Cures impotency," or "Prevents severe memory loss."

Words like scientific breakthrough, miraculous cure, exclusive product, secret ingredient, or ancient remedy.
"A revolutionary innovation formulated by using proven principles of natural health-based medical science."

Misleading use of scientific-sounding terms.
"Molecule multiplicity," "glucose metabolism," "thermogenesis," or "insulin receptor sites."

Phony references to Nobel Prize winning technology or science.
"Nobel Prize Winning Technology," or "Developed by two times Nobel prize winner."

Undocumented testimonials by patients or doctors claiming miraculous results.
"My husband has Alzheimer's disease. He began eating a teaspoonful of this product each day. And now, in just 22 days, he mowed the grass, cleaned out the garage, weeded the flower beds, and we take our morning walk again."

Limited availability and a need to pay in advance.
"Hurry. This offer will not last. Send us a check now to reserve your supply."

Promises of no-risk "money-back guarantees.
"If after 30 days you have not lost at least 4 pounds each week, your uncashed check will be returned to you."

Read more here: 


Does Plexus Work

this was sent this way

Comment below and share your thoughts

Listen to her refer to the study.. it's a scam  

Did she say the products are safe.. if you like lead in your chocolate

Shut down

Tarl Robinson, "Hopes you can still be friends" after has your business shut down!

That's right, shut down.

If you thought that you were in charge of your own business, that you owned and/or operated your own Plexus business, that you had any control over your business, you were duped!

Those high up on the food chain want you to think that, the company wants you to think that,
but it's wrong.
They know that, and they know that you don't know that.

One cannot be in business for oneself if they have no control over incoming sales.

Don't bother calling, it goes to an automated voice message!

Don't call Sonya Dudley either to ask her how this is effecting her business, she will just hang up on you, or well, maybe it's just me that she will hang up on. Either way..

Plexus Worldwide claims to have 220,000 Ambassadors
All screwed.

Ah well, Ambassadors aren't smart enough to realize the cost to them.

Plexus Lawsuit

Plexus Lawsuit to be one of the biggest in MLM history. 

Inside court documents reveal Alfred Pettersen "alleges fraud, fraudulent transfer, breach of fiduciary duty and violation of the
2012 shareholders’ agreement". 

?? 2012 

We already knew that this company was build on a foundation of lies, deceit and fraud!