Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Tarl J Robinson Plexus CEO

Tarl Justin Robinson 

What the current CEO of Plexus Worldwide is all about 

He says: 

"We have a philosophy of treating people first-class," 

"The last time your average 45-year-old had a round of applause for them was when they walked across a high school or college stage to receive their diploma. Recognition is key." 

Wow! What a douche bag! 

Maybe by the time Tarl hits 45 he will realize
 what an insult that statement is 
how it does not fall under the category of 
"treating people first-class"

 Alfred Pettersen Plexus President sues Plexus and Tarl Robinson
Alfred Pettersen, past Plexus President, sues Plexus and Tarl Robinson

Tarl Justin Robinson, current CEO of Plexus Worldwide Inc.

Tarl has made his way from Washington to Arizona where he currently plays the role as CEO of Plexus Worldwide, a multi-million dollar operation.

Until recently, I was confused about what Tarl Robinson had to bring to the table. Even more so confused when Plexus president Alfred Pettersen left, and Tarl took over the reigns. I finally found some time to devote to finishing my information quest on this young man. Born Feb. 1978. Now that I'm somewhat done, I can share it all with you.

I'm assuming that Tarl Robinson is the son of Shirley Pontious of Washington. Tarl's biological father,  Mark Wayne Robinson passed away July 30 2004. Shirley married the late MLM legend Ken Pontious of Enrich. Ken passed away in 1999. It has been said that Kenneth E Pontious made more money than the president of the United States at one point in time. Due to his health, it is said that the passed away due to brain cancer, he had a living trust and Shirley was named.

So it is clear to me now, that the connection that exists between Tarl Robinson and Alfred Pettersen is one of many years of business dealings in some way or other. I would assume that due to the age difference, the dealings were mostly with either Ken Pontious or Shirley. Alfred was also with Enrich, and verified by documents that take us back to: where it shows us that in July 1997 Alfred Pettersen was a speaker in Hawaii representing Enrich under Ken Pontious and TEAM Paragon.

I've always thought that Tarl was being used as "a face" for other reasons. I can only imagine that those other reasons have to do with what one does in the business world to hide money and so on. I'm not saying this is the case, but I have a vivid, active imagination, and what I have been learning about the world of MLM's and weight loss products, nothing surprises me any more.

Tarl is recorded to be in business with Shirley for the following companies:


Tarl Robinson, 19 years of age,  is listed as "Manager"
alongside the other "Manager" Shirley Pontious

Address listed for Tarl is: 8711 E PINNACLE PEAK RD PMB#268 Scottdale
Address listed for Shirley is: 16767 MAPLEWILD AVE SW Burien WA
USPTO has this: " residing at 8711 E, Oubbacke Oeaj Road, PMB # 268, "

Important to note: PMB is the abbreviation for Postal Mail Box

This business filed for trademark rights in 2004 and is described as one to
 "promote the use of nutritional supplements and educate in the use of nutritional supplements"

excerpt from website regarding memorial on Ken "we built TEAM Paragon to further help distributors" via Shirley Pontious

1997 ~ VIP Educational Systems emerges

Address listed is: 8711 E. PINNACLE PEAK RD PMB 268 Scottsdale

VIP Educations Systems acts as a sister company to Team Paragon and offer the sale to distributors of books and a slew of audio tapes and booklets that help to promote 'healthy living'.

They refer to this business as "VIP VALUES INTEGRITY PEOPLE" oh no.. the " I "word
They file for trademark in 2004 with an address at: 14821 North 72nd Street


Even though Tarl is not listed here, thought I'd share Shirley's business that has a residential address listed. 16404 13TH AVE SW BURIEN, WA

2001 - Global Health International, LC 

Tarl, 23 years of age,  is listed as "Manager" AGAIN alongside the other "Manager" Shirley Pontious

*updated added entry


R S PONTIOUS FAM LIVING TRUST along with Rodney Wilkinson, Bob Andres was formed. Records indicate that in June 2015 this business was dissolved. The reasons:


Some may know Rodney Wilkinson due to his association with Shirley Pontious and their venture "COLONY CROSSINGS TRAVEL INC." in Florida with Robin Largay
and Ken E Pontious Inc, just to name a few

I should write an encyclopaedia

2004 ~ Paragon Real Estate, LLC 

Tarl is listed as "Manager" alongside the only other "Manager" R. Shirley Pontious,

Both list the address: 8711 E PINNACLE PEAK RD PMB#268 Scottsdale
This business is listed as Revoked

Tarl is listed to as a realtor with "Value Max Realty" 

 "Online profile for Tarl J Robinson real estate agent, broker in Scottsdale, AZ from Value Max Realty LLC, located in 8361 E Gelding Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260. If you are looking for real estate in Scottsdale, AZ, Maricopa county (rent, bye or sell property) or have questions about the prices, available real estate properties, working hours or want to request an appointment, feel free to contact Tarl J Robinson at (480) 993-0515 or by email: or visit Value Max Realty LLC office."

More Real Estate listings:

2008 ~ Know Now Foundation

Tarl shares this with his cousin/family member Jennifer Pike and Alfred Pettersen.
Tarl's sister is Janice Pike.
This business is no longer active and was listed at: 7025 E GREENWAY PKWY #250 Arizona

To learn more about this operation click here:

Important to note:

2005 ~ Plexus Wireless, under James Goble was formed
2006 ~ Plexus Worldwide was registered as a .com website. (October 9)
2006 ~ Plexus Pink was registered as a .com website. (April 14)
2008 ~ James Goble removed himself, or was removed from Plexus Wireless and the business changed to Plexus Worldwide which is actually listed as Plexus Holdings.

2008 ~ Plexus Holdings aka Plexus Wireless
The address is listed as: 15649 N GREENWAY-HAYDEN LOOP
Tarl is listed as CEO.
Alfred Pettersen is listed as Vice-President
Stephen Howard is listed as Vice-President
Alex Clark is listed as Vice-President

2009 ~ Plexus Worldwide Inc. 

Not sure if "RA I" is Tarl or a type or RA I Robinson but I'm exposing this here.

2013 ~ Industry Print Solutions

Tarl Robinson is listed along with David Hardman.

This business is listed under 7949 E. Acoma, #102 Scottsdale
*Updated 06/2105

March 14, 2013 Industry Print Solutions secured their www, their site is still "Under Construction"
They claim to offer "Industry Print Solutions provides high-,quality digital and offset print solutions for all your printing needs."

November 10, 2014 David Hardman registered a www to Industry Print Solutions "My Plexus Print" 
They ask you to "Send us your idea(s)." What a joke! What they are saying, is the same thing that this company has said for the past 7 years.. we have no ideas how to market our products .. 

More on David Hardman found via goolge etc searches;
Past: General Manager at Buffalo Wing University - bye the way, this is a pub!
Education: George Mason University

2013 ~ Plexus Worldwide New Zealand Limited
Tarl is the only owner and located at 3714 N. 50th St. Phoenix
This business is listed as Strucken of the Records.

Please tell me what is wrong with this?
The "Direct Selling Blog" has Plexus listed as founded 2006 here:

Company Profile

Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Executives: Alfred Pettersen, International President; Tarl Robinson, CEO; and Alec Clark, Chief Marketing Officer.
Products: nutrition, weight loss, skincare, pain relief, detoxification and breast health

This company has this. found here: 

2012 Rank: N/A
2012 Net Sales: N/A
Sales Method: Person-to-person
Compensation Structure: Multi-level
Products: Wellness
Markets: 8
Salespeople: 135,000
Employees: 120
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona
Executive: Tarl Robinson
Year Founded: 2008

There is a lot more to this story and the family ties that bind Plexus together.

Have you ever heard of the Plexus Advisory Board?

There are more gaps to fill in the missing years, which will be done as my time allows.

While you wait for me.. Please VOTE for Tarl!

Smoke and Mirrors is common place in this industry.

Let's point out some things:

Fact 1: Tarl's history with Shirley Pontious dates back many years, and man business investments together.

Fact 2: Alfred Pettersen is listed on Team Paragon's website in 1997

Fact 3:

The Plexus Story

“I wanted to do network marketing as it could be done and should be done.” —Alfred Pettersen, International President

Two of Plexus’ owners got their start in the industry as distributors—Plexus’ International President Alfred Pettersen and CEO Tarl Robinson. Pettersen joined his first direct sales company in 1992. Soon he became one of the company’s top distributors in his home country of Canada. “I thought I had a horse that I could throw my retirement saddle on and ride into the sunset,” Pettersen says. But then, in 2001, his company merged with another direct sales company. The first month, he saw his earnings drop by half. After 9/11, sales got even worse. It was then that Pettersen decided he wanted to own his own network marketing company someday. “I wanted to do network marketing as it could be done and should be done,” he says.
He got his opportunity when he discovered a company called Plexus Worldwide in Scottsdale, Ariz. Plexus had only one product, and it was non-consumable. They were selling a Breast Chek Kit to help women screen themselves for breast cancer. Pettersen was marketing a breast cream that he believed could increase the company’s sales, but Plexus turned him down after months of negotiation. The founder had discovered he had a life-threatening illness and planned to shut the company down. Instead, he agreed to sell the company to Pettersen.
But Pettersen needed an investor. Though still quite young, Robinson had been a successful distributor at various direct sales companies. Now he was looking for investment opportunities in the industry. The two men hit it off, and Robinson became Pettersen’s partner.

HELLO>> Who forgot to mention that Petterson was with Unicity/Enrich.and this: 

In 2002

Jim Goble's  first attempt to market it is through a large network marketing company called Unicity. They enthusiastically place an initial order and the product moves briskly for two to three months while it is the center of attention. However, the company has 250 other products and distributors are actively encouraged to focus their energies there.

Fact 4: "he was looking for investment opportunities in the industry" WHY?

Tarl had moved on to real estate sales for many years, why would HE want to get back into this sort of business.

Does this look like someone that wants to be all business minded?

Fact 5: This does not look like the same signature, there are several on file similar to the second. (Just throwing this in here.)

Fact 6: In 2007 Alfred Pettersen and Gregory Spencer formed "Spencer Intellectual Properties, Inc." along with Jimmy Kossert and Noah Sifuentes (of Dominion Resorts International, whom has his own business associates)

Fact 7: As stated above "The founder had discovered he had a life-threatening illness and planned to shut the company down. Instead, he agreed to sell the company to Pettersen."

Yet it fails to mention the name of this founder. Is it James Goble or Bill Brooksher?

Plexus Pink Cofounder & CEO
Plexus Pink co-founder and president Bill Brooksher

?? Jan Janzen, President of Plexus Pink Dated late 2008 ~ taken from actual Plexus Pink records
Didn't Alfred say he needed an investor? Why isn't Jan Janzen mentioned? Perhaps they are just lying to people again.

Random Stuff found that you may or may not care about;

In 2015, after publication of this, a youtube video published where Tarl Pontious speaks out about himself. He bashes Enrich/Unicity and tells a bit about his past. If you google, Tarl Robinson Interview, you should find it.

Do you think it was damage control or do you think that someone wants to make some money of their youtube videos?

Ken Pontious was also a former Real Estate Entrepreneur


Tarl Robinson purchased a 6,920 square-foot home with pool built in 1953 northeast of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley. Robinson is chief executive officer of Plexus Worldwide, a direct sales company in Scottsdale. He is also a Realtor, focusing on housing development, land speculation and commercial real estate. The home was sold by Scott McPherson, a principal at Capital Advisory Group in Phoenix.

I like the last part... "focusing on housing development..."

Wonder if his focus explains his 2010 fine from the department of real estate in Arizona.

What Plexus had said about Tarl"

Dated 2008

""Tarl Robinson was born, raised and educated in Washington State. Tarl is a successful entrepreneur who brings to Plexus Pink extensive business experience and knowledge.

In 1999, while attending Pacific Lutheran University, Tarl became a distributor in a network marketing company. He built a large organization which continued to pay him a substantial income for 8 years.

Also, while at University, he spent two successful seasons as a franchisee for College Pro Painters.

In 2002, he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, to manage an excavating business that his family had acquired.

In 2004, when his family sold the excavating business, Tarl became a trust manager, working with several multi-million dollar trusts and their entities. He continues with that work today.

In 2005, while still managing the trusts, he became a licensed realtor in the state of Arizona. He has also been very successful in real estate.

Today, he is a shareholder in the company and the Chief Financial Officer.""

Dated 2013

""Tarl Robinson
Chief Executive Officer

Tarl Robinson was born, raised and educated in Washington State. Tarl is a successful and experienced entrepreneur who brings extensive business knowledge to Plexus.
In 1999, while attending Pacific Lutheran University, Tarl became a distributor in a network marketing company. He built a large organization — specializing in nutritional and weight loss products — which continued to earn him a substantial income for 8 years. Also while at University, he spent two successful seasons as a franchisee for College Pro Painters.
Tarl relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2002 in order to manage an excavating business and utilize his business skills. Here, Tarl gained an essential understanding of the financing and accounting aspects of thriving business.
Though his network marketing business continued to grow, Tarl felt that he needed to further expand his business expertise. So, in 2004, Tarl became a trust manager, working with several multi-million dollar trusts and their entities. Even today Tarl continues that work, gaining substantial experience with multiple corporations.
In 2005, Tarl became a licensed realtor in the state of Arizona. Focusing on housing development, land speculation, and commercial real estate, Tarl has found much success in his real estate endeavors.
Today, Tarl is a shareholder in Plexus and the Chief Executive Officer. His goal is to cultivate Plexus to its full potential as the widespread and flourishing business that he knows it can be.""

The major difference from the one dated 2008 are highlighted.

The truth of the matter is this.. 


  1. And now we know how "family money" stays in the family! Wonder if they use extra stain fighting detergent? LOL

  2. Here is a link you may find interesting. A complaint filed on Bill Brooksher from a rep. in Hawaii who was involved in his telecommunication business. He was also CEO of Plexus Pink at that time. If I had to bet money, I bet Mr. Brooksher in still behind the scenes at Plexus Worldwide. He did not have very good reputation.

  3. TELL IT LIKE IT IS! Thank you for this informatoin. Appears the "golden boy" isn't so "golden"..... I was approached about this company to be an ambassador and found you in my search. Glad I did my "homework"! I will NOT be a part of this! Thank you so much!

    1. Once the walls come crashing down at least those who didn't jump in will sleep well. Knowing they didn't hurt anyone.

  4. I wonder what the past of anyone who is posting here looks like. This company has created many financially free families of which i k m ow several personally. Not to mention their health. My wife and i have just become a part of this company and within 3 weeks we are already seeing a difference in our health and we are making money. My wife was using the product 2 months before we became ambassadors with the company. We are located in AL. We are even seeing results in our family too.

    1. James, the past of anyone posting here is irrelevant. The point is that this company has built its foundation on deception, they continue to carry on that way, as most pyramid schemes do. The money you have made in 3 weeks, is great, however, that will not continue and it will more than likely be a struggle for you and your wife to reach any long term financial freedom. As far seeing a difference in your health, that is most likely linked to a change in lifestyle aside and not related to the consumption of these products. The sell products that constantly change ingredients, so you have to wonder about what you are really getting. Drink Water, Excerise , Eat Less, and have some "me time" dispose of the products. If you really need financial freedom, work towards things that are budget friendly, learn to barter, and perhaps try asking yourself if you really need that "stuff".

    2. I think you really need to do your homework when it comes to Plexus and it's products.. I did exercise, eat healthy, don't drink or smoke and was not overweight and still had issues that Plexus products have helped me with! I have personally experienced the health benefits of these products and have been a part of many journeys where these products have helped so many when all doctors want to do is shove drugs down peoples throats! I would rather take something all natural or mostly natural than drugs that have an encyclopedia of side effects! I don't care what you think or show here about what the company was built on.. The fact is that people can achieve financial freedom LONG TERM with this company and they have products that WORK!

    3. I think you really need to do your homework when it comes to Plexus and it's products.. I did exercise, eat healthy, don't drink or smoke and was not overweight and still had issues that Plexus products have helped me with! I have personally experienced the health benefits of these products and have been a part of many journeys where these products have helped so many when all doctors want to do is shove drugs down peoples throats! I would rather take something all natural or mostly natural than drugs that have an encyclopedia of side effects! I don't care what you think or show here about what the company was built on.. The fact is that people can achieve financial freedom LONG TERM with this company and they have products that WORK!

  5. This company and its products have changed my life. I am a little confused as to why someone would spend so much time researching this information. It is not a change in habits that made a difference for me. The results I have seen in those that were pretty healthy to those with tons of issues speak for them self. Tell the mother of an autistic child that his quality of life had not changed for the better because of the products he is using. Trek my father who was dependent on insulin, despite his strict diet they don't work when he no longer needs insulin. I intentionally made no changes in my lifestyle the first month to test the products. I got amazing results and am continuing too.

  6. Your research is so elementary I couldn't finish reading it. I was looking for dirt and your "links" to why he's a bad and corrupt individual are not even plausible. I hope you're 12, and then I can forgive you for wasting my time with this. You may go on to a decent career in investigative journalism, but here, you tie a bunch of weak links together without any solid foundation in knowledge of business, investing, and at worst nepotism.

    1. The Pink Drink ScamMay 15, 2016 at 9:04 AM

      That little Keller sure is a cutie!

      Why would anyone post the dirt on a company that is under investigation?

  7. Thank you for this blog, wish more middle-aged mommies read this. So irritating, can’t even scroll through Facebook without them selling their glorified Kool-Aid.

  8. Thanks for doing this research - it helps to put the information about those in charge in one place for people to do continuing research and make better decisions. I've heard that the drinks are causing health issues, but the sites about this often do not have sources/verifiable information. It was a good idea to look into public information and try to connect the dots.

  9. I pray for you that you will one day find a life that is positive and productive instead of spewing hateful negativity. How's your new business going? Are you being compliant to them?

  10. My daughter has struggled with asthma since 9 months of age. She is now 7 years old. We went to doctor after doctor, allergy specialists, pulmonologist, midnight trips to ER, etc. We were always given the same medicine that had horrible side effects. She even started coughing up blood because of her medicine. Now she's using 3 Plexus products daily, zero meds and is in better health than ever. I wish I had known about Plexus sooner. My daughter takes Biocleanse, Probio5, and Ease daily. Sometimes pink drink. In my experience doctors are idiots and pharmaceutical companies are the scam artists. Plexus should be making money if they're coming out with products that helping people live! I hope they make a ton of money! Thank you Plexus!

  11. These people seem as sleazy as others in network marketing who have come before them. I've noticed the financially downtrodden are the ones most taken in by this repetitious hype. I have a daughter who recently graduated college and is now contemplating leaving her new career to "work" this business full time. This entire Corporate structure and delusional "American Dream Scheme pink drink" remind me of Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid. Don't drink the whole cup of crap!

  12. You must be a professional journalist. You expressed yourself so well. I loveed how you compared this to the Jim Jones nightmare. Yes it does seem that the poor and innocent are the ones who end up getting hurt by these scheming types posing as legitimate business people. Does anyone even know where their products are manufactured? Is there any scientific proof that they contain the vitamins listed on the labels? I would love to tour a manufacturing plant. I am sure they are made somewhere like India. Just hate to see people paying out good money for a fantasy. The young and trusting need to become more investigative.

  13. I have tried the Ease, slim, and other plexus products. No positive results. It’s a scam. The placebo effect has a lot to do with any anecdotal “results”. None of their products are double blind third party tested. They rely on “testimonies” from “cures” people. It’s a ridiculous mlm scheme. Sad. Very sad that people tie their integrity to this garbage.

  14. I love the health changes plexus has brought to my family! Healing your gut, balancing your blood sugar, empowers your body to heal itself from the inside out, boost your immune system, balance your hormones, detox your cells and rebuild them in health.

    And I am steadily making an income every month... while I see people's Health changed amazingly and dramatically! And for whoever doesn't like their products there is a full 60 day money back guarantee!!

    1. This product was created for Type 2 Diabetics. The Prebiotic in the drink costs $12. You can Google XOS Prebiotic and many sources pop up. I don't need my blood sugar balanced. As a nurse I am alarmed at how many people are buying this at $88 not knowing that it was created for Diabetics, and that you can get a great Pre/Probiotic at a health food store and get even better results

  15. Unknown

    You are doing nothing but quoting exactly what the company and your upline have told you. You are a puppet who has fallen into the abyss of MLM. The benefits of PS products you mentioned have no data to support them. If you have any, let's see them. You are ludicrous putting anything in your body not knowing the long term effects.

  16. This is so sad. People would rather put harmful chemicals in their bodies than trust something natural to help them heal. We believe the FDA has our best interest at heart? How about an investigative report on them? How about the vitamins you buy at the store? What about EVERYTHING we buy and put into our bodies that we didn't grow ourselves??? We can choose to make informed choices, but there is an element of trust for almost everything we put into our bodies. I have been using plexus products for 2 years. My intestinal issues are so much better. I used prescriptions to try to fix my problem for years and they didn't work. That throws the placebo effect out the window. It's really a shame there has always got to be haters on everything.

    1. The FDA approves twinkies & cigarettes, they certainly are not concerned about our health lol

  17. Holy cow!! I have taken the products for over 3 years now and believe it or not I have NOT grown a third eyeball or and extra boob... No, actually im healthier in my 40's than I was in my 20's. I wear a smaller size than I did in high school. I have lost over 40 pounds and am a better wife and mom than I have ever been. If you'd spend as much time building your own MLM business as you have compliling all this crap, trying to "expose" another human you'd be experiencing financial freedom now!! My children are blessed to have a mom at home with them and my Plexus paycheck makes that possible. I feel so sorry for you that you feel so passionate to try your best to turn others away from such a wonderful company!!! We are certainly a Tarl Robinson, oneplexus, pink drink, BLESSED family!!!

  18. The products worked great, until they didn’t. Formulas changed and they no longer worked. Business bombed. Former Ruby Ambassador.

  19. Your site contains some great information that everyone should see before joining Plexus. Thanks.

  20. Important information to read before representing this company. Keep it up with the updates.

  21. I love that in today's society there is FAKE NEWS and people whom are intelligent do more fact checking and digging. Being in the media myself, it's welcome as too many "self proclaimed journalists" exists and many when investigated have ulterior motives to their posts. This is a great example and I would encourage readers to give this a wide berth. Let's pretend for a second that even a fraction of this purely speculative, dismal "linkage" is true, (don't be blindsided by the amateurish attempt to discredit with the use of a photo of a college kid drinking - similar images could be easy showed with Zuckerberg, Gates and others - that further emulates the lack of credibility to this) but going back to my statement - anyone reading this would be naïve to believe this holds any merit as the US Government is heavily evaluating, monitoring and ensuring MLM's are all operating within the governing law. So while some of you will burn time and energy into creating false and sensational statements, I am sure the many successful MLM's will continue to move forward and do great things for people. Statements of opinion become liable when such statements are interpreted as facts... I suspect the operator of this will be seeing investigations of their own in the coming future... guess we will see.

  22. Thank you for all of your research!


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