Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Breach of Contract - Who's the quilty one?

2015 -  Top Plexus Ambassadors flee, following products that don't work, many hidden legal issues, customers making claims that the products are harmful and after FDA investigation.
Dave Brown lies about ownership of TruVision Health, yet Plexus Ambassadors follow him and secretly join.
Secrets keeps you sick and always have a way of showing the truth, even years later.

When the pink drink scam was taking place, I contacted several ambassadors, one of which was Robin Elsenrath

Hi Robin, I'm curious, and it is not my business.. Why did you leave Plexus?


Robin Naquin Elsenrath

I am not sure how you know me or where your info came from but I have not left Plexus and am not planning to leave. I am happy where I am and my family and I have been blessed.   I hope your day Is great so far.  R

She registered the domain..

have a peek:

NOW.. Legal Battles show all the truth..


  1. Wonder where all those jewels are now......

  2. I clicked your link. Plexus Worldwide won the lawsuit over dispute on Trademark infringment. I don't recall at all in the "Legal battles show all the truth" link you provided.

  3. Chief, you may want to rethink your post. As late as 5/8/2017, this lawsuit is still ongoing. Plexus has not won this lawsuit.


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