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Plexus is Out of Business

Is Plexus out of Business? Have they shut down their doors permanently? It looks like a Change is in the works. Did they tell you?


  1. If you go to the BBB website, many of the recent complaints have a common theme. They all indicate that people calling in stay on the phone for upwards of an hour (or more) and they are being told about some "computer change" that has messed things up. Really? The company that claims to be making money hand over fist with "no debt" can't handle a computer change? Something smells here and it ain't the accelerator pills.

  2. What would be in the plexus slim to cause nosebleeds? I have never had any nosebleeds my entire life. About a month after using slim I started having nosebleeds. One week I had 2-3 a day for the whole week. I had run out of the slim and had not used it for a week and realized I didn't have any nose bleeds. At this time I blamed it on allergies and dryness of our home. I continued to use slim and also had nose bleeds. I ran out of the product again and no nose bleeds. While cleaning my house I found a packet of slim and drank it. Within an hour of drinking I had a nose bleed. I am not going to use this product anymore. Have you heard of anyone else with this issue or any bleeding issue?

  3. I just started trying it and both days I got nosebleeds in the middle of the night. BOTH DAYS.

  4. I just started trying it and both days I got nosebleeds in the middle of the night. BOTH DAYS.


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