Alfred Pettersen admits that his partnership agreement with Tarl Robinson, Plexus Worldwide was a TAX FRAUD. Please read the comments sections on the pages and posts. They contain some great info from other readers. This Blog is freedom of speech, makes no money aside from a few cents a year in affiliate linking. Reports and information contained were accurate at time of posting and nobody will correct them as they are an archived history of events. Changes may have been made, but we don't care.

Dear Plexus Ambassador

Dear Plexus Ambassador , J. Doe et al

Whether you go by Jane Doe, John Doe, Tarl Robinson, Sonya Dudley, Helen McFadden, Sheila Medina, Coach Cuevas, Ambassador # 12345 and every other Plexus Ambassador, Plexus employee, Plexus distributor, or persons such as Dennis Harris, Alfred Petterson and Dave Brown.

Plexus products are harmful

Selling them serves no purpose other than to line your bank account and make you feel better about yourself.

Oops, my mistake, you already know that!

Some of you make videos to prey on the emotions of others. You include things such as storms, floods, fires and natural disasters to try to have that impact on people and then tell them how blessed you are that you found Plexus. Blessed my ass!

Some of you show how hard done by you were, before Plexus came along. You may very well have been, but you are a snake. You are not interested in helping others have a better life. You are interested in helping you have a better life. If you wanted to help those people, why do you charge them?

Many of you, almost all of you, say you use the product. You don't. What if you did?

You would have subjected yourself to the list of medical issues that your customers have been complaining to you about. You must have, if you really did use these products.

I wonder if you are even concerned about the civil suit that ERC's Executive Director Chris Heptinstall has filed in the State of California claiming that several of the products Plexus Worldwide sells contain over the allowable limit for Lead.

If you use plexus products, have used the fast relief capsules that you allege, you may very well have: Possible Lead poisoning!

But Hey! We all know the truth. What do you care... you had your boob job so that you might finally meet a man,  you are selling products for your wife so that she won't be around so much; we all know why.. you have finally hit the mark for a new facebook page, you went to Hawaii,  were able to pay off your mortgage and your youtube account is bringing you in money that you haven't declared. You feel special now.

Please don't be confused. I'm not jealous or pathetic or have a grudge. I want you to remember me.

I want you to tell everyone that you talk to about plexus what I have to say, then ask them if they still want to buy your product or join your team.

Wonder how that will work out for you? I think most of us already know the answer.

Ambassadors, you are all potentially liable in a court of law. 

Are you going to keep selling Plexus products?

Sonya Dudley has a YouTube channel, she makes a few thousand a month off it.
She claims:

""This channel was created to help as many as I can in the Plexus world learn from my lessons and mistakes! Hope that you enjoy learning from them...""

Sonya Dudley says:

""This is my true story of pain to peace.... And how even in a small town who had the highest unemployment rate a few years ago in the nation can have many many doing Plexus and helping so many.. ""

Debra Lawson says:

"FAST RELIEF will help you live happier, healthier, and pain free" 

Don't feel left out or singled out, I'm busy and Sonya Dudley will be joined by others here. I have contacted her numerous times to ask to speak with her about Plexus, she hangs up the phone.

I've been busy, here are some interesting reads, Gee .. hope your not worried:

FTC Sues Marketers Who Used “Gag Clauses,” Monetary Threats, and Lawsuits to Stop Negative Consumer Reviews for Unproven Weight-Loss Products


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