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Between the Smoke and Mirrors Lies the truth

I ran across an interesting article that got me thinking again about this pink drink scam.

This article states:

"""As the company grew, the two Executives needed help on the Executive end. Alec Clark came on board, joining the Plexus Executive family.

“We needed someone who knew both of us and who respected what we had done,” Pettersen says. “We have a very different way of doing business here, so we didn’t want him to simply transplant his experience in the industry. He had to filter it so that it fit in with the Plexus culture.”

The company was growing so fast, Clark relocated and moved to Arizona.""

I found that odd, as it also stated:

"""Requiring an investor, Peterson came to meet Tarl Robinson. Robinson was already successful as a distributer for direct sales, he was looking for investment opportunities. The two men hit it off, and became partners."""

Did this person get his facts wrong, or was this person just regurgitating info and using copy and paste to create his story.

Let's make this simple.

Plexus is a scam of greater proportions than anyone realizes.

Peterson came to meet Tarl Robinson.

July 1997 Alfred Pettersen was a speaker in Hawaii representing Enrich under Ken Pontious and TEAM Paragon. This is where Tarl and Alfred get acquainted, as Tarl's mother was married to Ken

These men already had an 11 year association of some sort. Tarl and Alfred did not just meet.

“We needed someone who knew both of us and who respected what we had done,”

How did Alec Clark know both Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson?

Alec had a 10 year history with both of these men via Enrich Uncity International. Yes, they all worked for the same company in one capacity or other.

Is it a coincidence that they got together?

I guess if you don't like orange, you can always go pink.

Did Tarl Slam the company that make his family filthy rich?

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